Zirakpur Infrastructure Crumbling: News Kidda

Tribune News Service

Gaurav Kanthwal

Mohali, August 1

Above-ground water tanks in a dilapidated state, utility poles dangerously overhanging, potholed roads and almost no government health facilities – that’s the state of infrastructure in Zirakpur in a nutshell.

A crooked electricity pole has not attracted the attention of officials for a long time. RAVI KUMAR

A day after a 28-year-old shopkeeper from the VIP Road market was electrocuted to a roadside transformer, resentment spread among local residents.

“The basic infrastructure in the city is going from bad to worse. It is better to rename this place to Slumpur or Jampur,” say residents.

“Politicians are busy settling scores on trivial matters. Administration officials are invisible and the city council doesn’t care,” she added.

A utility pole leaning over a tin shed of a tea stall in a swampy street of the godown area in Pabhat has not been able to move PSPCL officials for more than a year.

As many as three above-ground water tanks in Pabhat, Baltana and Dyalpura have been unused for decades. A Pabhat resident said the above-ground tank built in 1971 had been disused for 20 years.

“Older people say Congress leader and later President of India Giani Zail Singh inaugurated the tank. Tube wells were then placed. The cement is crumbling. The iron in the pillars is corroded. It could collapse at any moment. We have begged the MC authorities to dismantle it, but our pleas have fallen on deaf ears,” he said.

Sources said the MC, in the recent House meeting, had agreed to dismantle the three overhead tanks.

More than a year has passed since the announcement was made that the Community Health Center in Dhakoli would be upgraded to a sub-department hospital, but no progress has been made.

ADC visits MC office

A day after a shopkeeper was electrocuted, ADC (Urban Development) Pooja Syal visited Zirakpur MC’s office on Monday. She asked for a detailed report on the actual cause of the accident.

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