“You Have To Follow Rules”: Ajinkya Rahane On Why He Decided To Send Off Yashasvi Jaiswal

West Zone were simply at their best when they defeated South Zone in the final of the Duleep Trophy by 294 runs on Sunday. Yashasvi Jaiswal was the star of the show when he smashed a double barrel for the West Zone, helping Ajinkya Rahane’s team set a massive goal for the South Zone. However, Jaiswal grabbed the spotlight for all the wrong reasons on the final day of the match when he was seen arguing with South Zone’s T Ravi Teja.

Rahane tried to get him under control a few times, but seeing that the youngster just isn’t choosing to take it easy, decided to send him off for a few overs on the final day of the match.

After the game, Rahane opened up about the incident, saying: “You have to follow the rules and respect the game, your opponents and the umpires. I believe in always respecting your opponents, umpires and match officials. If you don’t do that, you’re out. from the field. That’s my mantra. So you have to handle certain incidents in a certain way.”

On the fifth and final day of the Duleep Trophy final, drama unfolded in the center when Rahane sent Jaiswal off the field due to disciplinary issues. The entire episode unfolded as Jaiswal made regular visits to South Zone batter T Ravi Teja. Both players continued to compete and eventually the umpires decided to strike up a conversation with Rahane.

During the 50th left of the last innings, Jaiswal and Ravi Teja engaged in a verbal exchange. Rahane quickly attacked to pacify the situation. The experienced player had a conversation with Jaiswal.

But Jaiswal kept trying Teja, and then Rahane decided to send him away. Jaiswal was seen muttering something to himself as he walked away from the field.


Jaiswal eventually came back on the field on the 65th left of the innings. Previously, the left-handed batter had racked up 263 runs off 323 balls to score a 529-point goal for South Zone.

South Zone was eliminated for 234 runs in the fourth and final innings and the Rahane-led West Zone won the final by 294 runs.

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