Wasn’t really surprised with Sri Lanka’s Asia Cup triumph: Sanath Jayasuriya | Cricket News

MUMBAI: Sri Lanka’s triumph in the Asian Cup held recently, where they lost Afghanistan in the first match before stunning India and Pakistan to go on and win the tournament for fifth times, was not expected by many pundits, but it didn’t surprise the great Sanath Jayasuriya opening the crazy cricketing country.
“I wasn’t really surprised. We have a pretty good group of cricketers. It’s the right time when they peaked, you know. They lost the first game, anyone can lose a game and come back. So they lost the first game and realized what was wrong. They worked hard on their individual game and played as a team. You don’t need to have exceptional players. They are good players who have done well as a team,” Jayasuriya said on Wednesday.
Speaking about the strengths of the Lankan team, Jayasuriya, who served twice as the head coach of the Lankan national team, said: “They play good cricket. That’s all you need. If you play quality cricket, the results will come. According to him, any comparison to his famous 1996 World Cup-winning squad was unfair. “Any comparison is excluded. As long as they play their own game, do their basics well, they will enjoy their cricket,” the 52-year-old pointed out, while beating for Sri Lankan tourism at an event here.
Even the ‘Marauder of Matara’ wasn’t ready to predict his finalists for the upcoming T20 World Cup in Australia, he was ready to support the Lankans, who must first play in the qualifiers, to succeed in the mega tournament . “Sri Lanka will certainly do well,” he said. “T20 cricket is a fast game, it’s a team game. Our boys play cricket well. Whoever does well that day will win the game,” he said.
As things improve in Sri Lanka, Jayasuriya is confident big-money cricket will return to his country, after the island nation was forced to give up hosting the recently held Asian Cup, which then took place in the United Arab Emirates, due to a massive economic crisis. crisis.
“If you see the last few months things have been really good and getting better. It will get better. The new government is working on it. So hopefully they will do what it takes (for the country) to recover quickly. Our Minister of Tourism (Fernando Harin) work very hard to make sure we do the best we can for our country,” he said.
He repeated, “Everything is fine now. There is no problem. Don’t take the Asian Cup as an example. It was a totally different time than now. Everything has settled down in Sri Lanka now. We will organize the Lanka Premier League in December. I hope the Indian will travel to Lanka to watch it,” he revealed.
In India, currently playing in a few leagues for retired players, Jayasuriya, now appointed brand ambassador for Sri Lankan Tourism, took time out of his busy schedule to appear at a press conference to promote tourism in Sri Lanka, which he stressed was coming out of its crisis.
“Things are improving. Everyone knows what we went through 3-4 months ago. Now it is time for us to rebuild the country. That’s why I joined this honorary job – it’s not a paid job. The idea is to promote Sri Lanka as a tourist destination, to help our people out of this situation. As we are very dependent on tourism, people like us must support it. People have suffered enough. Now they have to get out of this situation. The tourism sector is the most important for my island. So I promote it. We have to see the positive side of Sri Lanka now. Anyone can visit my country. Things are going in the right direction. We need support from the Indian media. Its very important. What happened is now history. We can’t sit down and keep talking about this. We have to move forward now,” Jayasuriya said.

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