Vijay Verma has a wonderful answer to marriage proposals from Canada, Pakistan and France | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood

Actor Vijay Varma took to his Instagram account and shared hilarious marriage proposals he received from fans from different countries. Vijay took to Instagram and shared a boomerang video of himself, revealing that he has arrived in Lucknow where he will be shooting for the third season of ‘Mirzapur’. One of the screenshots shared by Vijay read: “Please come over Pakistan to talk to my parents.” The actor said, “I’ll be right over when I’m done with this Lucknow schedule. Mirzapur’s shooting will happen when it happens.” Vijay also got a marriage proposal from Canada and France to meet his mother. Vijay replied, “I don’t even meet my own parents that often.” Keep an eye on ETIMES for more news and updates.

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