UTA promotes David Kramer and Jay Sures – News Kidda

UTA has promoted two of its top agents to new leadership positions at the talent agency.

David Kramer has been promoted to UTA president, while Jay Sures has been named vice president. UTA chief executive Jeremy Zimmer shared the news with staff on Tuesday.

Kramer has overseen UTA’s film business and helped develop new industries such as podcasting and publishing. Zimmer said the promotion “recognises the important role he fulfills as my close strategic partner, leader of much of UTA’s business and forward-thinking business builder.”

Kramer led UTA’s acquisition of Curtis Brown Group earlier this summer and worked with Zimmer on the process to bring in EQT as UTA’s largest outside investor.

Sures, meanwhile, helped build UTA’s TV business and oversees its news, speakers, and culture and leadership activities. Sures helped transform UTA into a powerful agency for journalists, especially TV news anchors and correspondents, which are still in high demand.

“News talent in the last five years has become stars in their own right,” Sures told News Kidda in May. “The likes of Don Lemon, David Muir, Anderson Cooper, Bret Baier, Jake Tapper, Norah O’Donnell. They are stars. They are walk-down-the-street stars. And as a result, they are compensated in a commensurate way with what they bring to their respective employers, which is a real trusted source in the news – people like to watch it for a variety of reasons.”

Zimmer called Sures “The ultimate powerhouse,” adding, “As vice president, we will rely even more on Jay’s unique blend of instincts, intelligence, deep connections and external relationships to drive our company forward in many dimensions.”

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