Update if Triple H has plans for more exciting surprises

Triple H would have even more exciting plans in store when it comes to surprises on WWE TV.

To his credit, the quality of WWE shows has dramatically improved since Triple H was appointed Head of Creative in the last week of July.

Much of that can be attributed to the return of several ex-WWE stars, including Johnny Gargano, Braun Strowman and Dakota Kai.

Triple H’s Exciting Plans for WWE

Fans online have speculated that Triple H may be out of major surprises, but recent reports actually claim the opposite.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer reports that Triple H has even more surprises in store, presumably regarding talent coming to WWE.

The most interesting and potentially most exciting part of the report is Meltzer’s line that Triple H is planning for names fans aren’t even talking about right now.

We were told that Paul Levesque has some surprises in store that are not talked about

This clearly opened the door for fans to speculate on exactly who might bring WWE back, and many fans remained excited about the company’s future under “The Game.”

Who else is going back to WWE?

As noted, the surprises that Triple H has in store, at least if we are to believe the aforementioned report, don’t pertain to people fans are talking about.

So, who could bring Triple H back to WWE right now?

Well, it’s unlikely that Meltzer is talking about Bray Wyatt, Sasha Banks, and Naomi, all of whom fans and the media have been talking about quite a bit when it comes to WWE return.

Since this report was released, names like Nia Jax, Tegan Nox, Oney Lorcan, Tyler Breeze and John Morrison have been thrown around, but time will tell when it comes to who else is bringing HHH back.

Triple H Brings More Cast Back To WWE
Triple H Brings More Cast Back To WWE

Latest news on various WWE returns

One name that we know will not return to WWE is Velveteen Dream, despite intense speculation to the contrary.

In recent weeks, it has been rumored that Dream may be returning to WWE under Triple H, but a new report from Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp has revealed that the speculation is largely correct.

The report, which you can read more about by clicking here, explains that WWE has no interest in bringing Dream back, viewing it as nothing short of a “PR nightmare.”

Speaking of returns, the Wrestling Observer has reported that Bray Wyatt’s return talks with WWE have stalled over finances, which you can read more about by clicking here.

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