UP: Bareilly Teacher Helps Over 800 Specially Able Kids Enroll in Schools

BAREILLY: Today, many steps and initiatives are being taken to support specially disabled people in all areas of life. An example of this was seen in the village of Dabhaura in Bareilly, where a teacher helped more than 800 specially qualified children attend school.
A teacher called Deepmala Pandey from Gangapur Primary School has devised a unique initiative for specially handicapped children. On this basis, she asks every teacher to enroll at least one such child in a government school.
Deepmala Pandey has helped more than 800 specially able children to attend school so far.
Speaking to ANI, she said: “I started the ‘One teacher, one call’ movement to motivate teachers to enroll at least one disabled child in a government school. So far, we have admitted about 800 students to schools. .”
Minister of State for Home Affairs Nityanand Rai celebrated the 72nd birthday of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday in the national capital with the 72 specially capable children he adopted from different parts of Bihar to ease the financial burden on their families.
Rai said he is providing basic services to these 72 disabled poor children to reduce the financial burden on these families. “We are deeply inspired by the Prime Minister’s dedication and commitment to the well-being of oppressed people, so I’ve adopted a total of 72 specially qualified poor children so far, taking care of their health, education and all the basic services needed for all these children so that the burden of these families can be eased,” he said.
Union Minister for Home and Collaboration Amit Shahon Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday, presented various equipment for the specially equipped and cleaning machines to government schools and community hostels during a service program organized in Hyderabad.
The Minister of the Interior and Union Cooperation said: “The greatest work of Prime Minister Modi is to give a respectable name to any kind of disability caused by birth or accident. Modi has given such people the right to live with full respect by calling them Divyang. People used to look at the specially skilled with compassion, but now they look at them with respect.”
Amit Shah said: “Prime Minister Narendra Modi has designed many works for the disabled. Each rupee bill is also printed in Braille to enable the visually impaired to recognize banknotes and India is the only country whose currency is also written in Braille.”
In addition, he said that arrangements have been made for easy access to elevators for the specially disabled in government buildings, and that the needs of specially disabled people on public transport are taken into account.

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