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Sathiyan Gnanasekaran and Manika Batra aren’t preparing for any reality TV shows. But they recently recorded all their foot movements by a camera during training. After all, it takes two to tango even in table tennis’ mixed doubles competition, and the duo aren’t ready to make a single misstep as the Commonwealth Games approach.
It’s been a happy bonhomie for the Indian duo since they decided to team up again after the Tokyo Olympics. They clicked instantly on their first outing together, winning the World Table Tennis Contenders title in Budapest, Hungary. Subsequently, they made the semifinals at the Contenders event in Tunisia and the quarterfinals at the World Championships in Houston last year.

India's history at the Commonwealth Games

India’s history at the Commonwealth Games

Their good run was rewarded when the Indian duo entered the top 10 of the world rankings by occupying 7th place in March this year. Even the players themselves didn’t expect the rise to happen so quickly. “We had set a goal: we wanted to get into the top 10 in one year. We did it in seven months. It’s quite fast, a meteoric rise and we are happy with it,” Sathiyan said a few days later. . after winning a silver medal at the World Table Tennis Championships in Doha, world No. 1s I-Ching Cheng and Yun-Ju Lin in the final.
Ahead of the 2021 season, the duo last played together in 2018 CTM which was a historic event as far as Indian TT is concerned with Indian paddlers returning with a record eight medals – three gold, two silver and three bronze.


But Indian table tennis saw many upheavals after that, with more action inside the court premises rather than on the table. Even the selection of the CWG team was disputed. Now that things have calmed down, much will depend on Sathiyan and Manika, who won a bronze medal at the Golden Coast event four years ago, to lift the game in the country by winning a medal in Birmingham.
Singapore, Nigeria and England will be their main rivals this time.
The duo complimented each other well on the table with Manika’s top spin supported by Sathiyan’s counterattacks. They specifically worked together at the Raman Performance High-Performance TT Center in Chennai to coordinate their footwork, which is so important in the doubles game where each player must keep moving even when not playing (the next ball ) and be in the correct position. allow his partner proper access to the ball.


“Sathiyan is truly a dream doubles partner,” said Manika. “We have grown because we have known each other for so long on the tour,” Sathiyan said.
Both want to use a strong CWG result as a stepping stone to a medal at the 2024 Paris Olympics.
Men: Sharath Kamal, G Sathiyan, Harmeet DesaiSanil Shetty
Women: Manika Batra, Reeth RishyaSreeja Akula, Diya Chitale

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