Top WWE star approached for shock fight with boxing legend

WWE star Bobby Lashley has revealed that he has been approached and asked about his interest in possibly fighting boxing legend Mike Tyson.

Mike Tyson is one of the most recognizable boxers ever, with many even ranking him as one of the best ever in the sport.

However, fans often forget that Tyson played a huge part in WWE’s success in the late 1990s, especially with his involvement with Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

He hasn’t done any work with WWE in quite some time, but the 56-year-old could be confusing it with one of the company’s wrestlers at some point in the future.

During an interview with Fightful, Bobby Lashley revealed that he had been approached by a representative of a knuckle boxing company about the possibility of fighting.

Lashley also claimed he was approached “by a representative of a bare-knuckle boxing company” about whether or not to consider boxing Mike Tyson.

Lashley explained that the fight would have been asked of Tyson and explained that it would be an “honour” to fight him in that environment.

The former WWE champion explained that the talks were just to gauge interest, but noted that Madison Square Garden was even suggested as a possible venue.

Lashley says it was a gutting process and that he would love to do it because it would be an honor to compete against him. Per Lashley, the rep mentioned the possibility of Madison Square Garden as a location.

Bobby Lashley shared the ring with Theory on WWE Raw
Bobby Lashley is one of WWE’s top stars

The United States champion has not said whether the fight will take place or not, and it is important to note that.

At this stage, Lashley has just said that he was approached about the prospect and that he would be open to it.

There’s no word on whether Lashley could even join the fight, with WWE probably having to give him permission for it to happen.

The fact that Lashley has been open about the talks makes it seem like there’s no fight going on, as he definitely wants to keep the talks private until a fight is officially announced.

Anyway, GiveMeSport will provide you with all the possible updates that may arise regarding a hard hitting fight between Lashley and Tyson.

You can watch Bobby Lashley live tomorrow night at WWE SummerSlam in the US on Peacock and in the UK on the WWE Network.

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