Three areas of ‘concern’ on Rohit Sharma’s platter ahead of the T20 World Cup | Cricket News

HYDERABAD: India won the three-game T20I series against Australia on Sunday night, but skipper Rohit Sharma still has some issues to work out ahead of the T20 World Cup Down Under next month. Rohit is unfazed as he has three games against South Africa to look forward to and he knows the strength of his team. A perfect team man, the Mumbaikar is known to be supportive of his players and willing to go the extra mile to “accommodate” some of his teammates, who are a bit of color.
At least three issues are on Rohit’s shelf ahead of the World Cup. One is the shape of the players like Jasprit Bumrah and Harshal Patel, who are making a comeback.

“Coming back from an injury is never easy,” Rohit said. “He (Harshal) missed cricket for almost two months. Whenever bowlers go through an injury phase and come back, it’s never easy so we haven’t really judged him on how he has played in those three games because we know his quality.
“He’s played tough games for us in the past, and also for his franchise. We believe in his quality, whatever he has as a bowler. It’s important to keep showing that faith and I’m pretty sure that “He’s trying to rectify those mistakes as well. He’s been working hard on his bowling game. As I see it, in the nets, whenever we have our practices, he’s always working on his skills, you name it. You want players to come out and keep improving. We talk about it all the time; we can see it happening. So I’m pretty sure he’s not far off his best.” said Rohit, who has had his fair share of injury issues over the years.

The other realm is that of the dead where the Indians have suffered in this series. Bhuvneshwar Kumar has been under huge pressure but Rohit says the bowler has enough quality to overcome this slump. “It’s important that we give him that space. Because when you have a guy like him in the team and the quality he brings, we know he’s had more good days than bad days, honestly, over the past few years we have Yeah, lately, that’s not the kind of performance he would want, but it can happen to any bowler.
“You can also see the opposition, it’s not easy to play the death. But we’ve been working on execution plans and hopefully we can give him more options to play the death and then he will be as good as he was before, I don’t think he lacks confidence, every time I talk to him the confidence is there, you can have bad games but it’s important to come back from that , and we want him back as soon as possible, because he has played these difficult passes for us in the past,” said the skipper, praising his pitcher.

“He’s done it, it’s there in his mind, it’s not that he’ll completely forget what he’s done as a bowler in the past, it’s just that he has to bring it out with confidence and things will work out for him. As a team, as management, we believe in his abilities, we know that a guy like him who has done the job for us most of the time can have some bad matches, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have any more quality in him, just that for us, it’s time for us to trust him and continue to support his skills, what he wants to execute”, Rohit added.
The third aspect is the Dinesh Karthik vs. Rishabh Pants debate. The Indians have alternated between the two in the Asian Cup and this series. “I wanted these two guys to have a number of games under their belt before the World Cup. When we went to the Asian Cup, these two guys were in the mix to play all the games,” he said. -he declares. “But I just think Dinesh needs a little more game time. He barely managed to hit (this series). Just maybe three balls. So that’s not enough time,” said he added.
“Pant needs playing time obviously too. But looking at how this streak was, it was important to me to stick to this consistent batting lineup,” Rohit quickly added.
He said the inclusion of Karthik and Pant in the playing XI will depend on the situation. “I don’t know what we’re going to do against South Africa. We just need to go and see their bowling, what type of bowling they’ll be playing with and who are the best guys for us who can handle that bowling. Everything depends on that. We want to be flexible in our typing. So if the situation or thing calls for us to need a left-hander, we’ll bring in a left-hander if we need a right-hander, we’ll continue to do that. .
“But we’ll try to manage these guys carefully. I understand they need playing time before the World Cup, but there are only 11 players you can play against, unfortunately.” declared the skipper.

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