This scary asteroid is speeding towards Earth today! What does NASA have to say?

Yet another asteroid is headed for Earth, traveling at dizzying speeds! Is the asteroid a planet killer? Know what NASA has to say about this asteroid.

Asteroids fly close to the planet all year round. Nearly 40 asteroids passed by last month alone, and September will follow the trend that more than a dozen asteroids have already passed close to Earth. However, all of these asteroids are relatively small in size at a few hundred feet in width. Still, NASA’s Planetary Defense Coordination Office has classified all of these asteroids as “Potentially Hazardous Objects” due to the proximity with which they pass Earth. Now another is on its way to Earth today.

Asteroid 2022 RJ2 zooms past Earth today, September 12th

NASA’s Planetary Defense Coordination Office has warned that Asteroid 2022 RJ2 is 45 feet wide, nearly the size of a house.

it’s already on its way to Earth, traveling at a blistering speed of 57,096 and just about to miss the planet today! While it won’t collide with Earth, a slight deviation in its orbit due to Earth’s gravity could send it toward Earth for an impact. It will make its closest approach to Earth today at a distance of just 1.17 million kilometers.

According to, the asteroid 2022 RJ2 was discovered very recently on September 3, 2022 and belongs to the main Apollo group of asteroids. Asteroid 2022 RJ2 takes 867 days to complete one orbit around the sun.

The farthest point of the asteroid from the sun is 425 million kilometers and the closest point to the sun is 107 million kilometers.

Bennu asteroid studied by spacecraft OSIRIS-REx! Will it affect the Earth?

NASA JPL has observed an asteroid named Bennu that orbits the sun every 1.2 years and comes relatively close to Earth about every six years. The space agency has mapped the trajectory of the Bennu asteroid, nearly 1,614 feet in diameter, using the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft to the year 2135 using 29 radar observations and 478 optical observations of the asteroid, conducted by trackers around the world between September 1999 and January 2011.

According to NASA JPL, the close approach to Earth in the year 2135 will slightly alter the asteroid’s orbit, possibly resulting in an Earth impact between 2175 and 2199.

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