“There Shouldn’t Be Personal Attacks”: Babar Azam On Aaqib Javed’s Strike Rate Comment

Pakistani captain Babar Azam is one of the best players in cricket today, but his success rate is always a matter of debate when it comes to the shortest form of the game. Babar is number 3 in the T20I ranking, but he has often been criticized for his blow speed when he comes out to open the blow next to Mohammad Rizwan. Earlier this month, former Pakistani pacesetter Aaqib Javed had dug up Babar and said that when his side took on Karachi Kings, who lead Babar in the Pakistan Super League (PSL), they never tried to fire Babar because of the pace at which he bats.

Ahead of the seven-match T20I series, Babar was asked about Javed’s comment, and he went on to say that there should be no “personal attacks” and that he pays no attention to outside chatter.

“He might think so. Everyone has their own opinion. Everyone has their own opinion, we don’t listen to them. We don’t bring the outside chatter into the dressing room. Everyone has their opinion, you can talk about things, but as players have you seen all this in the sport as well every player has been through it there is so much pressure and responsibility there should be no personal attacks it is not just about me i am talking about the whole team you can talk normally, we don’t listen to what people say. It doesn’t matter,” Babar said at a press conference.

Earlier, Aaqib Javed had come out to make a strong statement about Babar Azam and his strike rate in T20Is. Javed claimed that in big chases, having Babar and Mohammad Rizwan can be detrimental to Pakistan as they are similar players and they tend to let the required run rate get too high. Javed, the Cricket director for Lahore Qalandars in the Pakistan Super League (PSL), also said the team roster for the T20 World Cup is still “questionable”, especially raising questions about batting composition.

“When you knew the World Cup was happening, and even today, the roster is questionable. Because they should have done this six or eight months ago, that this is our squad of 20 players. And there’s a reason for that,” Javed said. Sports Paktv.


“You have openers, No. 3, middle order, lower middle order… you should know what your batting composition is. If someone gets out early, they can come to consolidate, build up a bit and then score quickly later.. I don’t see someone like that in the team. And that has become the mentality that we have to keep these two openers. The two openers are effective, but where? For scores below 150-160. That’s what they’re good for.” Javed had said.

“When we play against Karachi and we have a total of 180 or so, we have never tried too hard or wanted too much to get Babar Azam out. Because he plays at his own pace and the pace required keeps getting higher and higher. Rizwan is also similar He undoubtedly played very well in the PSL, but when these two play together, you have two artists of the same type,” he added.

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