The Story of Vempalle Sharif in the National Best Contemporary Stories Collection

amaravati: In a rare honour, young one Telugu author Vempalle Sharif‘Onti Cheyyi’ has secured a place in the English anthology of the best contemporary Indian stories of the year, published by the prestigious Aleph Book Company, one of the prominent literary publishers in South Asian countries. This is the only Telugu story that has found a place in the collection of stories by Indian Languages. Aleph has published a book called ‘A Case of Indian Marvels’ featuring stories from 40 of the best contemporary authors in various languages ​​of the country. David Davider, author of several books and served as the CEO of Penguin, edited this anthology. In the foreword to the book, he noted that these stories in different styles reflect many political, economic, historical and human aspects of contemporary India. He also said that after reading and studying the stories of many current writers across the country, the book came out with the best.
Onti Cheyyi” written by Sharif was translated into English by the famous Bangalore translator NSMurthy under the title “Crippled World”. The English translation of the story has also been published in “The Indian Literature” in a prestigious bimonthly publication of the Kendra Sahithya Academy. Vempalle Sharif, from the Kadapa district, expressed his joy that his story found a place in the prestigious anthology. He said it was a privilege for him to gain international readership through the anthology. Sharif, winner of the ‘Kendra Sahitya Akademi Yuva’, had also been awarded the Chaso Sphurti Prize, the Gidugu Ramamurthy Panthulu Basha Seva Prize, the Vimala Shanti and the Kolakaluri Katha Prize at the state level.

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