Tesla asks Twitter users to pick next Supercharger location via poll

Tesla will allow users to select the next location of its Supercharger for fast charging of the company’s electric vehicles (EVs) on Twitter. The company announced Thursday that it would allow users to vote for the company’s next Supercharger location via a poll, after suggesting locations that would require the company’s fast EV chargers. Tesla’s Superchargers can charge up to 200 miles (or 321 km) in 15 minutes, according to the company, which operates one of the largest fast-charging networks in the world.

On Thursday, Tesla’s dedicated charging Twitter account (@TeslaCharging) tweeted: “Supercharger Voting coming soon. Reply with location suggestions – answers with the most likes will be included in the poll.” However, before users can vote, they must propose locations that will eventually be part of the company’s poll.

The tweet asking users to provide locations reveals that the poll will be the second phase of the company’s effort to identify the next location for its Superchargers. Several users have already responded to the tweet with screenshots of maps with blank areas circled, showing that there are no Superchargers in those locations.

At this time, there is no word from the Tesla Charging account about when the crowdsourced survey to pick the next Supercharger location will go live. The company may offer users the option to add more locations as comments before creating a poll asking users to choose a new location.

Tesla has not indicated whether the poll will be held on Twitter. It’s worth noting that Twitter polls only let users pick one of four options, so Tesla may end up having to select only four of the comments that get the most likes. It is possible that the company will eventually work on adding Superchargers to most of the locations suggested by users through its crowdsoucing initiative.

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