India vs Australia 2nd T20 2022: Team India looks to solve Bumrah mystery amid death bowling woes | Cricket News

NAGPUR: Jasprit Bumrah’s fitness condition will be a matter of attention as a struggling Indian side look at course correction options against Australia in the second T20 International and are working to keep the three-game series alive here on Friday. Bumrah, who has been out of action since the England tour ended, skipped the Asian … Read more

Indian scientists decipher the genetic mystery behind male infertility

HYDERABAD: A group of Indian scientists, including those from Hyderabad, have identified for the first time a set of eight genes responsible for male infertility in India. The researchers also found mutations in these genes that led to malformed sperm in the Indian male population. The genes identified for male infertility are novel or novel … Read more

Trip Inside Peacock’s Mystery Comedy ‘The Resort’ – News Kidda

Welcome to the 179th episode of TVs Top 5, News Kiddathe TV podcast. Every week, hosts Lesley Goldberg (West Coast TV editor) and Daniel Fienberg (head TV reviewer) breaks down the latest TV news with context from the business and critical sides, welcomes showrunners, executives, and other guests, and provides a critical guide to what … Read more

Unraveling the mystery of the terrifying black hole: what it is and how many there are in our galaxy

The black hole was created from the “catastrophic death” of stars. It consumes everything in its path, including light. A black hole is one of the greatest mysteries in our universe that scientists have been investigating for years. And the most dangerous thing about it is that it can swallow anything in its way, including … Read more

Vikrant Rona Review {3/5}: A solid mystery that unfolds a little too late

Vikrant Rona Story: A fictional village in an unknown era sees mysterious sightings when the children go missing. Is the guilty man or devil? Can Vikrant Rona (Kiccha Sudeep), the cigar-smoking, tough new cop in the ghost town solve the puzzle and track down those responsible when everyone else is a suspect? Vikrant Rona Review: … Read more