NASA DART mission made Earth asteroid proof? History made, but there’s a catch; technique on it

NASA successfully performed an asteroid collision with its DART mission spacecraft. However, there is a catch. NASA today remade Armageddon, one of the greatest sci-fi movies of all time, by attempting to divert an asteroid from its course using its amazing technology in the form of its spacecraft. Bruce Willis’ protagonist had portrayed what would … Read more

NASA asteroid alert! 134-foot rock sped past Earth today at a staggering 2.5 miles per second

NASA says another asteroid flew past Earth today. Check out mind-boggling statistics of this massive 134-foot asteroid. NASA, using its various space and ground telescopes, found a 134-foot asteroid heading precariously toward Earth. The asteroid passed very close to Earth today. This particular asteroid has sparked concern and concern among space agencies as it was … Read more

Did asteroid kill the dinosaurs? This study reveals shocking details

A new study has revealed shocking details about the extinction of dinosaurs, and it doesn’t point to an asteroid. The reason behind the extinction of dinosaurs has always been attributed to a massive asteroid attack about 66 million years ago. But is it the whole truth? This latest study published in the journal Proceedings of … Read more

NASA Warning: Asteroid Today! Space rock faster than a hypersonic rocket on its way to Earth

NASA has issued a warning about an asteroid approaching Earth closely today. This is what the agency said. We are only 20 days into September and we have already seen more than 20 asteroids pass very close to Earth. August witnessed nearly 35 asteroids come close to Earth, and it looks like September is on … Read more

390 feet of asteroid terror flies to Earth, NASA says; it will be terrifyingly close

390-Foot Asteroid Coming Close to Earth Tomorrow! Should we worry about it crashing? Check what NASA asteroid watch says. As the US space agency NASA goes into an asteroid with its DART mission spacecraft on Sept. 26 to study how it affects an asteroid’s motion in space, a giant space rock is on its way … Read more

5 Terrifying Asteroids Heading To Earth; a huge 250 foot asteroid coming today

Two dangerous asteroids, Asteroid 2022 QD1 and 2022 RX3, will pass close to Earth this week on September 16 and 18, respectively. If you’re a space buff and love to look at the sky, you might not want to put your telescope aside this week. Between September 15 and September 19, at least five massive … Read more

BEWARE, this massive asteroid will come terrifyingly close to Earth! NASA issues warning

A massive asteroid is headed for Earth and will get terrifyingly close to the planet in the coming days. Will it crash on Earth, burn up in the atmosphere, or fly by after buzzing the planet from terrifyingly close? Look what NASA said about this asteroid. A massive asteroid is headed for Earth and will … Read more

Untold Riches of Asteroid Mining – The Problem No One Is Talking About

Asteroid mining could unlock unprecedented riches and thorny ethical issues. Are we ready when we race to the launch pad? Asteroid mining could unlock unprecedented riches and thorny ethical issues. Are we ready when we race to the launch pad? Asteroid mining is coming faster than people realize. Several asteroid mining companies have developed serious … Read more

This scary asteroid is speeding towards Earth today! What does NASA have to say?

Yet another asteroid is headed for Earth, traveling at dizzying speeds! Is the asteroid a planet killer? Know what NASA has to say about this asteroid. Asteroids fly close to the planet all year round. Nearly 40 asteroids passed by last month alone, and September will follow the trend that more than a dozen asteroids … Read more

310-foot asteroid comes dangerously close to Earth, NASA reveals

NASA has issued an asteroid warning for an absolutely colossal 310 feet asteroid coming dangerously close to Earth! This is what the US space agency said. NASA has released an asteroid warning for Asteroid 2008 RW. It seems that even the month of September is not safe for asteroids. August was an eventful month with … Read more