Strive hard to achieve your goals: former VP Venkaiah

amaravati: Former Vice President of India M. Venkaiah Naidu has asked the students to work relentlessly until they realize their dreams. He said there is no substitute for hard work and it would never be an arduous task to spend sleepless nights to achieve their goals. Addressing the students on University of Vignan on Friday, Venkaiah Naidu said students should not deviate from their goals. “No one finds it difficult to work hard to achieve their desired goals. You’ll only find it hard if you’re working for something you don’t like,” Venkaiah said. He suggested the students love the job or field of study they chose to reduce their stress.
He said the nation can only move forward if the youth strive to realize their choices. He said India plays a crucial and exemplary role in the world. “The students want to grow as tomorrow’s leaders need to work on discipline, character and ability,” Venkaiah said. He said students should be independent, confident, positive and constructive.
Vignan group Chairman Dr.Lavu Rathaiah urged the students to inculcate leadership qualities and overcome obstacles that arise in their path of progress. He noted that students with limited resources should be optimistic and confident by aspiring to leadership positions rather than confining themselves to jobs.
Vignan group vice chairman and Narasaraopet MP Lavu Sri Krishna Devarayulu praised Venkaiah Naidu as the statesman. He said Venkaiah represented the people of three states and said he played a vital role in the “Jai Andhra moment”. -President.Vignan University Vice Chancellor Dr. P. Nagabhushan, Registrar Dr. MS Raghunathan and Deans attended. Venkaiah was taken to a meeting in the university.

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