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Welcome to the 186th episode of TVs Top 5, News Kiddathe TV podcast.

Every week, hosts Lesley Goldberg (West Coast TV editor) and Daniel Fienberg (head TV critic) breaks down the latest TV news with context from the business and critical side, welcomes showrunners, executives, and other guests, and provides critical guide to what to watch (or skip, as the case may be) ).

This week we are joined by the co-creator of one of the biggest television comedies ever, break what the beep plays on JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot and answers questions from listeners in our Mailbag segment.

Here’s how the episode plays out.

1. Headlines

The Golden Globes, Reservation Dogs, Saturday Night Live (yes, again), Peacock and Vince Gilligan lead the week in the headlines.

2. WTF with bad robot

Warner Bros. returns Constantine starring Keanu Reeves, causing JJ Abrams’ HBO Max TV to leave the DC character out in the cold while the studio behind it shops both that series and Abrams’ Mrs X. Both that and the animated one Batman: Caped Crusader are being shopped to streamers while Warner Bros. Discovery wants to license its content — shockingly including DC Comics content — to outside buyers rather than spend a lot of money keeping them on internal platforms. This segment explores what’s going on with Bad Robot after a string of recent shows released by HBO and HBO Max.

3. Mailbag!

You ask, we answer! In this common topic, Dan and I answer questions from listeners. Topics this week include why Netflix effectively surprised with Ryan Murphy’s Dahmerthoughts on John Oliver’s Law & authority rant and more.

4. Showrunner Spotlight

Steve Levitan, co-creator of five-time Emmy winner Modern familyreturns to television with its next series – Hulu’s Restart, an insider’s POV on the TV industry. The series follows a former ’90s sitcom that’s being rebooted, offering a glimpse into the writer’s room and the overall production of the faux show. Levitan talks about his interest in exploring the behind the show on Restart and Greg the bunny and Larry Sanders. Having spent his entire career on broadcasting, Levitan also discusses his interest in streaming and what it takes to get back into the network television rut. Plus, will Modern family be restarted sooner Restart gets its own reboot? He also gets candid about how to tinker Restart was therapeutic and the pressure of making an original series after a big hit like Modern family.

5. Critics Corner

As usual, each episode ends with Dan’s thoughts on what to watch (or skip) this weekend. This week he weighs in on Hulu’s Restart, the last Star Wars series on Disney+, Andoroas well as Netflix’s new Ryan Murphy series Dahmer. Bonus: Thoughts on HBOs hostages and Hulus Chefs vs Wild.

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