Sourav Ganguly relives Lord’s balcony triumph in India | Cricket News

KOLKATA: Former Indian cricket captain Sourav Ganguly relived one of his defining moments at the top of the balcony of the lord — but this time in India on a replica, and with his shirt on.
Ganguly, 50, is considered one of India’s greatest skippers of all time and the London ground has been the scene of some of his greatest triumphs.
Lord’s was the site of the batsman’s first Test match in 1996, when he became the third cricketer to hit a century on his debut at the venue.

Six years later, India edged out England in a spectacular Nat West Final which saw Ganguly take off his jersey and wave it triumphantly in front of the crowd.
Ganguly appeared in his hometown of Kolkata on Tuesday to unveil a replica of the balcony of the Victorian-era pavilion, this time waving an Indian flag instead of its top.
“That moment at the Lord’s Balcony was a moment that changed Indian cricket,” Satadru Dutta, a sports promoter who organized the project, told AFP on Wednesday.
Ganguly was delighted with the result, he added.
“He told me it was beautifully done, but he also said, ‘don’t tell me to wave the shirt.'”
Hundreds of people flocked to see Ganguly make an appearance on the replica balcony, which was built to mark Durga Puja celebrations in the city.
The festival, honoring the deity Durga, is a milestone in the Hindu calendar and worshipers in Kolkata regularly erect replicas of famous buildings such as the Eiffel Tower and the Taj Mahal, drawing huge crowds.
Ganguly ended his stellar playing career in 2008 after amassing 7,212 runs and served as chairman of the Cricket India Board of Control for the past three years.

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