Some WWE Stars Worried Triple H Would Become Head of Creative

Overall, it seems that the majority of the wrestling world is excited about Triple H’s appointment as Head of Creative for WWE.

That doesn’t seem like a sentiment shared by everyone, though, as Dave Meltzer reports that some folks on the WWE roster are concerned about their positions on the map.

On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Meltzer explained that while some people on the WWE roster are certainly happy that Triple H has taken over, others are somewhat concerned.

I have heard of a number of talents and in general they are positive. But there are certainly people who are afraid that they will lose their place, and there will be some who will, because you get different views on who the best people are. And not everyone can be a top person.

Vince McMahon certainly had his favorites in WWE, and it looks like it could be those people who are afraid they won’t be viewed the same way under Triple H.

The names Omos and Theory have been used by fans as examples of wrestlers who were favorites of Vince McMahon, but who may now be wrestling under Triple H.

Of course, no one really knows what’s going to happen under WWE’s Triple H regime, and it’s way too early to say who exactly he isn’t the biggest fan of.

What is clear, however, is that Triple H is looking for newer stars, with Ciampa seemingly at the top of that list.

Ciampa won two matches on last night’s episode of WWE Raw, winning a United States Championship match against Bobby Lashley.

Ciampa could be pushed heavily on WWE Raw
Ciampa could be pushed heavily on WWE Raw

Reports have suggested Ciampa is a favorite of Triple H, dating back to their time together in NXT, where the 37-year-old was booked as one of the brand’s top stars.

It has been suggested that the former NXT champion will have “improved” his presentation in the coming weeks, which could potentially lead to him getting his old NXT music back.

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