Sikh women without headgear to face helmet challan in Chandigarh: News Kidda

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Chandigarh, July 27

Sikh women who do not wear a turban are no longer exempt from wearing helmets in the city. A decision on this was taken today during a meeting of the State-level Road Safety Council, which was held here under the chairmanship of UT advisor Dharam Pal.

On July 6, 2018, the UT had amended an earlier notification to exempt all women from wearing helmets to exempt only turban-wearing Sikh women. When there is pressure on the UT and the Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), the ministry, advised the government in October 2018 to exempt Sikh women from wearing helmets while riding a two-wheeler or riding a passenger in Chandigarh.

Pursuant to a December 2018 notice, the government exempted Sikh women from wearing helmets even if they were not wearing turbans.

A senior UT official said they would amend the earlier notification and implement the Central Motor Vehicle Rules. Now Sikh women would be challenged to ride without helmets if they don’t wear turbans, the official added.

“We have proposed the same provision as in the Central Motor Vehicle Rules, which is helmet-wearing exemption for Sikh persons (men and women) who only wear a turban,” said SSP (Traffic) Manisha Chaudhary.

In another important decision, the UT administration has decided to declare seven roads as “Do not stop” and “Do not park” zones. An official said a notice about the decision would be issued shortly.

He said the focus of the meeting remained on correcting the black spots or areas prone to accidents through interventions such as the construction of table tops, installing road sign warning signs, etc., as well as improving the overall visibility on the roads.

Meanwhile, UT advisor Dharam Pal said the concerned departments had been asked to implement the decisions taken within the deadline.

Important decisions

  • Holistic Plan for Revitalization of Sector 17
  • Enforce driving of cars on lanes
  • Provision of extreme left lane for buses, trucks, taxis
  • “Other Handicapped Parking Lot” Stickers
  • Rotaries need to be redesigned to minimize the impact of collisions
  • Iron grids to be installed on V-2, V-3 roads
  • Dark spots that need to be lightened

‘Do not stop’, ‘Do not park’ zones

Madhya Marg Dhillon Barrier for PGI, up to Sarangpur barrier

Dakshin Marg Zirakpur barrier to Milk Colony, Dhanas light point

Udhyog path ITI light point to roundabout Sectors 14-15-24-25

Jan Marg HC Chowk to Sector 42-43-52-53 roundabout

Himalayan Marg Sectors 4-5-8-9 chowk to 51-52 light point

Purv Marg Bapu Dham light fixture to Faidan barrier light fixture

Sarovar path Sector 5-6 way to colony no. 5 bright spot

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