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Laura Mora’s Colombian Drama The kings of the world won the Golden Shell for best film at the 2022 San Sebastián Film Festival, Spain’s first film festival. Mora’s second feature follows five young men who grow up in the streets of Medellín and embark on a journey in search of the promised land.

Best director went to Japanese filmmaker Genki Kawamura for dementia-focused drama Hyakka, his feature film debut. Kawamura is best known as the producer of popular Japanese animation films such as your name (2016) and Weathering with you (2019).

The drama of Marian Mathias runnerthe story of an 18-year-old girl who decides to fulfill her late father’s dying wish to be buried in his birthplace along the Mississippi River won the festival’s special jury prize.

The silver shell for best performance went together to Paul Kircher for his performance in the French drama by Christophe Honoré winter boy and Carla Quilez for her lead role in Pilar Palomero’s Spanish feature film La Maternal.

Dong Yun Zhou and Wang Chao won San Sebastián’s Best Screenplay Award for Wang Directed Film A womanwhich follows a female factory worker who struggles to become a writer in the 1960s.

San Sebastian’s Audience Award for Best Picture went to Santiago Miter’s true courtroom drama Argentina, 1985. Viewers chose Rodrigo Sorogoyen’s French thriller the beasts as the best European film.

On Saturday evening, the prizes for the 70th festival of San Sebastián were awarded.

Complete list of winners of San Sebastián 2022

Golden shell for best film

The kings of the world, direct. Laura Mora

Special jury prize

runner, direct. Marian Mathias

Silver Shell for Best Director

Hyakka, direct. Genki Kawamura

Silver shell for best industry leading performance

Paul Kircher for winter boy and Carla Quilez for La Mother (ex aequo)

Silver shell for best supporting performance

Renata Lerman for The replacement

Jury Prize for Best Cinematography

Manuel Abramovich for porn melancolia

Jury Prize for Best Screenplay

Dong Yun Zhou, Wang Chao for A woman

Irizar Basque Film Award

Suro, direct. Mikel Gurrea

Special mention

For books and women I sing, direct. Maria Elorza

City of Donostia / San Sebastian Audience Award

Argentina, 1985, direct. Santiago Miter

City of Donostia/San Sebastian Audience Award for Best European Film

the beasts, direct. Rodrigo Sorogoyen

TCM Youth Award

For books and women I sing, direct. Maria Elorza

Euskadi Basque Country 2030 Agenda Award

Tori and Lokita, direct. Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Luc Dardenne

Dunia Ayaso Award

tobacco barns, direct. Rocio Mesa

Special mention

The yellow ceiling, direct. Isabel Coixet

Fipresci Price

Suro, direct. Mikel Gurrea

Feroz Zinemaldia 2022 Award

The kings of the world, direct. Laura Mora

Euskal Gidoigileen Elkartea Award

Suro, direct. Mikel Gurrea

Sebastiane Prize

Something you said last night, direct. Luis de Philippis

Lurra – Greenpeace Award

Alcarras, direct. Carla Simon

Signis Award

The kings of the world, direct. Laura Mora

Special mention

runner, direct. Marian Mathias

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