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SSSMID is an ID portal by the Government of Madhya Pradesh. In this portal, a complete ID of every person living in the state of Madhya Pradesh is created so that they can get the benefits of government schemes. In which poor laborers, elderly and widows have been included. Samagra ID has been implemented by the Madhya Pradesh government as a social security mission. It is a kind of identity card. So come today, through this post we will provide you all the important information related to Samagra ID, if you also want to get the benefit of this scheme, then you must read this post of ours.

Samagra Portal SSSMID

Madhya Pradesh government has made Samagra ID required for each resident living in Madhya Pradesh. So he can be recognized that he is a resident of Madhya Pradesh. Similarly as the ID confirmation of being an Indian is viewed as the Aadhar card, similarly the verification of being a resident of Madhya Pradesh is viewed as Samagra ID. Through this, the plans that the Madhya Pradesh government makes for poor people and jobless individuals, it is extremely simple in it and it likewise guards the information of its residents with itself. There are two sorts of composite ID, first family composite ID and second part composite ID. .

The primary family Samagra ID has a 8 digit code which is given to an entire family and the second Samagra ID is given to a relative which has a 9 digit code.

Types of SSSMID

  • Family SSSMID :- The Family Samagra ID is designed such that only the family members whose names are on the family composite ID are members. The number of family members is listed on the ration card, along with the names of every member of the family. It provides a composite ID. When a Samagra ID is provided to an entire family, it is referred to as a Parivar Samagra ID.
  • Member SAMAGRA ID :- Only members whose names appear in the Parivar Samagra ID are granted a Member Samagra ID; identical to the Parivar Samagra ID, which has an ID number with 9 digits, the Member Samagra ID has an ID number with 8 digits. He cannot be awarded a Member Samagra ID if, at the time of Parivar Samagra ID, the name of any family member is not included.

Highlights of Composite ID

Scheme Name :- Madhya Pradesh Samagra ID
Launched by :- The Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh
Department :- Social Welfare Department
Scheme Category :- Madhya Pradesh Government Schemes
Beneficiary :- poor laborers and widows of Madhya Pradesh
Objective :- To give benefit of government schemes to the poor people of Madhya Pradesh
Registration :- Online Registration date continues
Last date of registration :- not announced yet at official website

SSSM ID Application Form

The state government receives information about Madhya Pradesh residents who have enrolled with SSSM IDs. Through the SSSM portal, work was previously begun on the scholarship, pension, marriage assistance, and food security programmes. However, now, work is also being done to provide social security benefits to vulnerable groups, the elderly, the underprivileged, senior citizens, women who are disabled, and widows. As soon as possible, register for the Samagra ID Portal if you haven’t already. By going to the program’s official website, an interested beneficiary can register online to receive a Samagra ID. The Samagra ID can be obtained by interested beneficiaries of Madhya Pradesh both online and offline, in addition to numerous other ways.

You must physically visit the Panchayat or Janpad Panchayat office to submit an application for an SSSM ID. In addition, you can apply online whichever you like.

Benefits of SSSMID
Benefits if Samagra ID
  1. The government will have access to the personal information of each of its residents thanks to Samagra ID.
  2. The inhabitants of Madhya Pradesh will directly benefit from the programmes being operated by the state government.
  3. The Samagra ID will provide the Madhya Pradesh government with access to all of its citizens’ data, saving the government the time-consuming task of determining which programme should be applied to which individuals.
  4. The persons who are eligible for the benefits of the schemes will receive them.
  5. The state’s continuing programmes are now transparent as a result of SSSMID ID.
  6. The aged, the impoverished, the disabled, the jobless, and widows all directly benefit from it.
  7. These individuals merely need to apply and present a photocopy of their Samagra ID in order to benefit from these programmes.
  8. Madhya Pradesh residents can also order their BPL ration cards using Samagra ID.
  9. A samagra ID card may also be required of a person seeking admission to a school in Madhya Pradesh.
  10. A samagra ID card is required for each family seeking for a BPL ration card.

Documents for SSSMID Online apply

  1. Birth certificate
  2. Aadhar card
  3. voter id
  4. card ration card
  5. Passport
  6. driving license
  7. pan card
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