Rohit Sharma and Rahul Dravid ensured increased security and freedom for players: Hardik Pandya | Cricket News

BASSETERRE: India skipper Rohit Sharma wants the team to move away from what it has been doing for the past five to six years and giving players security and freedom to express themselves, the versatile star says hardick Panda.
“Ro (Rohit Sharma) gives you a lot of flexibility and freedom which is his strength throughout his time as captain whenever I played with him,” Pandya said after India’s win at seven wickets in the third T20I.
“A lot of credit goes to him and Rahul Dravid for the way they brought the team together and making sure that a lot of positive mindset comes into play and the players feel safe; they don’t look over their shoulder; make sure they get plenty of chances; they’re also told if they’re not playing, and that’s something to be commended.”
India chased an easy 164 goal from the slow box at Warner Park to claim a three-wicket victory in game three and take a 2-1 lead in the five-game series.
“The credit goes to Ro and the coach again. We were all discussing how we should approach the slow wicket, do we still want to continue this style of play,” Pandya said.
“He gave us freedom, saying you know what, forget the results, we’re trying something new, we’re going to make mistakes, we’re going to learn from them.
“But what we’ve been doing for five-six years, we’re going to step away from that and make sure we try everything and every option that’s available, and when it comes to the World Cup we know how to play.”
Pandya also praised Suryakumar Yadav who scored 76 out of 44 to become India’s top hitter in Game 3.
“Surya is someone who is an exceptional player. When he starts playing… some shots he plays, you are just impressed. Today he played an amazing shot and it was not easy at all” , Hardik said.
“A lot of credit goes to him. He’s worked hard and gets his due.”
Hardik also touted the current Indian Intermediate Order, comprising people like Rishabh PantsDeepak Hooda and Ravindra Jadeja, for his performance.
“It gives a lot of confidence to see how they play every time. Even when we are three wickets down from 10, the opposition are still aware that this same team can put up a solid 190 tally with the help from the middle – order pasta,” Hardik said.
“I can now throw four overs as a third or fourth setter”
Hardik said it was necessary for him to take some time off from bowling during his injury recovery phase and he is now confident of participating as the team’s third point guard at the T20 World Cup.
“I’ve always loved bowling. I’ve mentioned a few times that I felt (this time) that I should take some time off to make sure bowling comes back. Every time I play well, it gives a lot of balance on that side and gives the captain confidence,” said Hardik.
“I used to bowl as a filler before if someone wasn’t bowling now I can probably say I can bowl four overs as a third or fourth setter where I can contribute the same that I do with my bat.
“I am extremely grateful for what life has given me so far. If you work hard with the utmost honesty, you will eventually be rewarded, despite the ups and downs of life,” he said. he declares.
India will face West Indies in the fourth T20I in Lauderhill, Florida.

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