Raj Kundra Requests Dismissal in Pornography Case, Prosecution Opposes His Request – Exclusive | Hindi Movie News

Shilpa Shetty’s husband and businessman Raj Kundra was embroiled in controversy last year when he was named as one of the prime suspects in a pornography case. Now the prosecution has filed a response against Kundra’s resignation request in the pending case. ETimes has been informed that the prosecution has resisted the discharge request, stating that a prima facie case has been made against Kundra and that there is sufficient evidence to prove it.

Commenting on the prosecution’s response, Kundra’s lawyer Prashant Patil told ETimes: “We are ready to plead the case on merit, although a Prima Facie case has been prepared. We have full confidence in the judiciary and the truth. will come true.” Patil claimed that despite the Prima Facie case, there is no evidence against Kundra and that they will plead this case in court based on solid facts.

Kundra was arrested by Mumbai police last year and was released on bail after serving two months in custody. Now he has filed for resignation after Mumbai police filed charges in the case. By the way, today is Raj Kundra’s birthday and this morning Shilpa had shared her birthday wishes for her husband on social media. She talked about more “health and protection” for her husband.

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