Punjab Cricket Association Chief Under Scanner After Father’s Alleged Misbehaviour With Ground Staff: Report

File image of PCA Stadium in Mohali.© BCCI

Punjab Cricket Association (PCA) president Gulzar Chahal has come under the scanner after his father, a former IPS officer, allegedly misbehaved with an experienced ground crew at the PCA stadium complex. The incident happened almost two weeks ago when Chahal’s father, retired DGP Harinder Singh Chahal, was on his evening walk in the grounds of the PCA Stadium in Mohali. The veteran curator, who is a lifelong member of PCA and has worked in BCCI in various capacities, was not allowed to come to the ground for a few days, but was allowed to return after the incident became a hot topic in the PCA corridors.

“The president’s father is not allowed to use the stadium grounds for morning or evening walks as he is not a member of the association. The experienced trustee was unaware of the gentleman’s identity and stopped and questioned him,” a senior said. PCA official to PTI on Thursday.

“The trustee, after finding out it was the father of the PCA president, apologized profusely but was asked not to enter the stadium. The veteran trustee is a lifelong member, but as of now he does not hold an official position at PCA,” said the senior official. informed.

It is understood that the veteran curator was allowed to enter and work in the stadium after his temporary removal became a point of discussion.


PCA chief Gulzar could not be reached for comment. He also did not answer phone calls and did not respond to text messages.

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