Performing dual role of captain and hockey goalkeeper requires a different mindset: Savita | Hockey News

BENGALURU: Indian women hockey goalkeeper and captain Savita believes that the dual responsibility of being the last line of defense and leading the team requires her to train her mind differently, so that she can help the team more effectively under pressure situations.
Speaking about the dual responsibility, Savita said: “Goalkeeping is a different responsibility. As an experienced goalkeeper, I always train with the mindset that I have to help the team. As captain, your responsibility increases because you have to take care of your game and also manage the performance of your team.”
Savita led Indian in the inaugural 2021/22 FIH Pro League season where the team finished third. She also led the team at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games where India beat New Zealand 1-1 (2-1 SO) to claim bronze.
“It is possible that one day your team will not perform well, so you have to motivate them as captain. But by working under head coach Janneke Schopman, we are able to divide the responsibilities between us, so I think it helped me to play freely, without feeling the pressure,” added Savita.
Savita also expressed her gratitude for being nominated for the 2021-22 FIH Women’s Goalkeeper of the Year award and said she felt she was heading in the right direction. Savita, who won the award in the same category in the previous edition, said the support from her teammates and coaching staff has come in handy.
“I feel pretty good to have been nominated for consecutive years. We continued to train hard after the Tokyo 2020 Olympics for the whole year. Getting nominated again makes me feel like I’m going to the right direction in training,” said Savita.
“The coaching staff and the players have been very supportive. We have always worked together in all competitions. No achievement is an individual achievement for each of us, but the result of team effort. team. As a goalkeeper, my job is to ensure that my team feels satisfied with my performance and we all strive to help each other achieve the results. If one of us is appointed, each member of the team receives appreciation and that’s what makes me happy,” said the 32-year-old. added.
The Indian team returned to training camp on August 29 as they prepare for the FIH Women’s Nations Cup to be played in December. The team is also looking forward to next year’s Asian Games.
Savita said winning a medal at the Birmingham Games created a positive environment in the camp.
“After winning a CWG medal, we all felt very motivated and we were all looking forward to camp getting started so we can start working on areas where we can improve. All the players are working very hard at camp, and it’s a pretty positive environment at camp,” Savita said.
“The most important tournament for us next year is the Asian Games. We will participate in the FIH Nations Cup in December as well, but our main goal is to prepare for the Asian Games,” she added.
Apart from Savita, Harman Preet Singh (FIH Player of the Year Men), PR Sreejesh (FIH Goalkeeper of the Year Men), Sanjay (FIH Rising Star of the Year Men), Mumtaz Khan (FIH Rising Star of the Year Women), Graham Reid (FIH Men’s Team Coach of the Year) and Janneke Schopman (FIH Women’s Team Coach of the Year) were also nominated for FIH Hockey Stars Awards 2021-22.

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