My coaches are being harassed regularly, politics is affecting my training: Lovlina Borgohain | Commonwealth Games 2022 News

BIRMINGHAM: Olympic bronze medalist Lovlina Borgohain claimed on Monday that his preparations for the Commonwealth Games were being hampered due to the “continued harassment” his coaches face from the authorities.
India’s boxing team reached the Games Village on Sunday evening after a training stint in Ireland, but Lovlina’s personal trainer Sandhya Gurung could not enter the Village because she does not have accreditation.
Lovlina, perhaps, wanted her personal trainer Amey Kolekar with her during the CWG but he was not on the long list.
The decorated pugilist expressed her anger in a lengthy Twitter post.
“Today, with great sorrow, I want to tell everyone about the continued harassment I have been subjected to. The coaches who helped me win an Olympic medal are still being sidelined, which has seriously affected my workout routine,” Lovlina wrote in her twitter post.

“One of the coaches is Sandhya Gurungji, who is a Dronacharya winner. I had to plead with folded hands for my coaches to be included in the contingent. I feel mentally harassed because of this ordeal,” she said. job.
“At the moment, my trainer Sandhya Gurung is standing outside the CWG village and not allowed in. Just eight days before my event started, my training schedule was hampered. My other trainer was sent back to India,” she said. said.
Lovlina has alleged that she suffered similar treatment ahead of the world championship in Istanbul and she fears something similar will happen at the upcoming Birmingham Games.

India's history at the Commonwealth Games

India’s history at the Commonwealth Games

“I don’t understand how am I going to focus on the Games (CWG) in the midst of all this? My World Championships have also suffered because of this. I don’t want my CWG to be affected because of politics. Hoping that I will overcome this policy and win a medal for my country. Jai Hind,” she wrote.
The Boxing Federation of India (BFI) said the accreditation process was handled by the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) and hoped the issue would be resolved soon.
“The IOA and the BFI are working to get Sandhya accredited permanently. It’s in the hands of the IOA but it will happen today or tomorrow.

“We had given all the names in advance, but there is a quota system. Based on the number of qualified athletes, there is a quota of 25%. So we had four officials, including a coach, a doctor, etc.”, BFI Secretary Hemanta Kalita said. PTI.
β€œWe had asked the IOA and they increased the quota to eight. Four will stay inside the village and four will have to stay outside, they can enter the village and spend the day there but at night they must go again,” Kalita added.
The other trainer Lovlina talks about is her strength and conditioning coach Amey Kolekar, who is also her personal trainer.

His name was not on the long list. Kolekar was with her in Ireland.
The Indian team already has a strength and conditioning coach, who will help boxers during the Games.
Meanwhile, the Sports Authority of India (SAI) said they will try to come to an appropriate resolution.
β€œThe SAI has taken up the matter with the BFI. The Department of Sport is in talks with the IOA to resolve the issue and ensure the best possible preparation for Lovlina, who is a strong medal contender,” an official from the team said. LIT.

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