Monarch’s Trace Adkins says he and Susan Sarandon avoided politics – News Kidda

Trace Adkins says he and Susan Sarandon had a strategy to get along smoothly on the set of… Monarchgiven their diametrically opposed political affiliations.

The country singer appeared on HBO’s real time on Friday, where host Bill Maher wanted to know how Adkins, who is a political conservative and performed at the 2020 Republican National Convention, could get along with Sarandon, who publicly embraces progressive views. Their new Fox drama series centers on Albie Roman (Adkins), an iconic country music artist, and his wife, co-singer Dottie Cantrell (Sarandon).

After Maher said he hoped the two Monarch co-stars became “quick friends,” despite their ideological differences, Adkins replied, “We have, I guess. There were no problems. We went to work, and we did our job, and we stayed away from everything else.” .”

He continued, “Maybe there would be a news or something like that happening a few times that morning, and she would watch the news and say something to me about it. But it was very short, and we just didn’t go there. We just stayed away from it. What’s the point?”

Maher was encouraged to hear this and said it should provide inspiration for how the country can move forward in this polarizing time.

Adkins agreed: “But complaint junkies should. They must have something to moan about. I don’t get up in the morning looking for something to moan about.”

Monarch debuted Sunday and is one of Fox’s most notable new series of the fall season. In his review of the show, News KiddaMajor television critic Daniel Fienberg wrote in part: “Although it wants to be obvious and rather desperate” Empire only with country music, Monarch is really just lengthy mediocre karaoke.”

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