Mimicry Artist Chandni Bhabhda Responds to Her VIRAL ‘Brahmastra’ Video; says: ‘I absolutely want to work with Alia Bhatt’ – Exclusive | Hindi Movie News

Chandni Bhabhda, who is studying law, is currently living her best life. She is popular for impersonating Alia Bhatt, Daya Ben from ‘Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah’ and a lot of other performers. But she became famous after she posted a video online in which she ordered a pizza with Alia’s voice. She herself also received a response from the actress. She became a social media sensation and since then she hasn’t been looked after. She enjoys a lot of attention, fame and praise for her unique and current content. Chandni recently took the internet by storm after impersonating Alia’s character Isha from ‘Brahmastra’. The video quickly caught everyone’s attention. ETimes got in touch exclusively with Chandni and talked about her journey. She responded to the massive response she received to the ‘Brahmastra’ video and expressed her desire to work with Alia when speaking about participating in showbiz.

During the interaction, Chandni also revealed how her family has reacted to the appreciation that comes to her, her meeting with Karan Johar and much more! fragments:

First, how does it feel when you get social media validation for the kind of content you create? Do you enjoy the fame and praise that comes your way?

Of course we do it for the people. So that expectation of validation is always there. When you get this kind of validation and people repost your videos, it feels good. touch wood. Speaking of fame, I haven’t really gotten that fame yet. It’s not like I’ve been harassed or anything, but hey, people do recognize me now. They come to me for selfies and appreciate my work. Especially the Marwadi mother character I do, many mothers come to me and say ‘Bacha, hum aapko bahot pasand karte.’ I personally love it.

How has your family reacted to all this?

My family loves it. They are very proud of me. They are very happy, especially my mother. Every child is beautiful and the best for their parents and it is the same in my house. My mother says ‘My bacha is the best’ and I love that. But I don’t get any special treatment as such. Even today they turn off the fan to wake me up in the morning (laughs). They even teach me when I use my phone all day. So this is all still happening to me.

Now even celebrities are starting to notice your content. You recently met Karan Johar and he was full of praise. He even told you that he and Alia Bhatt watch and love your videos. How do you take this response? Does it pressure you or make you think twice before impersonating an artist?

I was shocked. I thought, ‘Is this real?’ If you watch the video I posted, you can see I’m totally frozen with a smile on my face. I didn’t know how to sink in at the time. Even after I got home I couldn’t believe it. The ‘Karan Johar’ told me he watches my videos and even mentioned my ‘Gangubai’ video. Of course it’s a great feeling ya!

Speaking of the pressure, yes, I was in a quandary for a while. I thought, ‘Ab ye insaan mujhe follow kar raha hai, mujhe dekh raha hai, toh main kaise videos banau, ya phir mimic karu?’ But then I had a conversation with some of my friends and fellow content creators, and they advised me that eventually people followed me for this and they want to, so I can’t step back and change my content game.

Have you had a chance to communicate with Alia or have you received a response from her?

No, I’ve never had contact with Alia. But yes, I did get a response from her. She said “Epic” on my pizza video.

You’ve impersonated many actors, but your version of Alia Bhatt is going viral on the internet in no time. From a law student to now a successful content creator, tell us about your journey. How did it all start?

I started creating content when I was 16, in 2016 and my second video went viral. But I didn’t mean this seriously, because I was still a kid at the time. I was also busy with my studies, but I did not give up. My content, facial expression and art have always been with me. Speaking of facial expressions, I’ve been doing it since I was a kid. Whenever a character impressed me, I imitated it. Whether it was my neighbors or local train vendors, I imitated many people.

Your latest video on Alia Bhatt’s character in Brahmastra takes perfection to another level. It has taken the internet by storm in such a short time, just like your pizza video. Did you expect this massive reaction from fans?

Not at all, because I randomized that video. I had a conversation with a friend about ‘Brahmastra’ and I finally made that video. It went viral after Yashraj Mukhate shared it on his handle. I was very happy and that was totally unexpected. I am very grateful to everyone who follows me because I get so much love from my audience. I think I am very lucky as a maker because I get a lot of love.

Do your friends or family insist that you impersonate Alia or another actor for them?

No, neither of them insists I mimic. But jo mere friends ke friends hain, unke side se kaafi requests aati hain. Recently I went to a friend’s house for Ganpati Darshan, and many people there asked me to mimic Alia for them.

Which actor do you think is hard to imitate?

Mimicry is a very unconscious process for me. What I really feel is I can’t sit down and think, ‘Aaj main isko mimics karungi, kal main usko mimics karungi.’ Because it happens to me (naturally), I can’t choose, sit and decide. The character chooses me, I don’t choose it. So I can’t really decide what’s hard. That said, I feel like Alia’s natural voice, her interview voice, the way she rumbles or pauses, or her laugh, was difficult for me.

An actress who doesn’t try to impersonate you, just to avoid attracting trolls?

Again, there is no one. Like I said, I don’t choose to imitate, do I? The character touches me so much that it happens very subconsciously and I realize that my voice is changing. It’s a scary and beautiful process. So I don’t think I would avoid impersonating anyone because of the trolls.

Finally, are you planning to enter showbiz or have you already received offers? If so, do you have a wish list of actors you would like to work with?

Yes of course! I think acting is the plan. Also my fellow friends who are actors told me I understand character so well so I would be good at acting. I definitely want to dive deep into that. But to date I have not received any offers.

I do have a wish list. Absolutely, I want to work with Alia, 110%. Second, it must be Pankaj Tripathi, sir. It is my dream to work with him. Give me one roll (with him), please.

It’s actually my father’s dream to see me in a movie as a lawyer. Because I’m a lawyer and he wants me to be one on screen.

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