Kate Cross wants ‘wishy-washy’ run-out rules to be made clearer | Cricket News

LONDON: England crimper Kate Cross wants ‘tasteless’ rules about running back too far on non-attacking side clarified following controversial dismissal of Charlie Dean in the final ODI at of the Lord.
India picked up a victory over England on Saturday after being versatile Deepti Sharma missed Dean (47) for backing off too far to the non-attacking side, reigniting intense debate over the spirit of the game.

Dean was off his pitch and Deepti simply held the ball up to pull the bails, leaving the England team flabbergasted.
“What I think came out of that, what often happens in these scenarios when there’s a big talking point is that the rules aren’t quite written properly so that it’s clear,” said Cross at the BBC’s No Balls podcast.

“I think what needs to happen is there needs to be clearer words on the rules because it’s pretty tasteless, and it all sounds like an opinion on where the bowler could bowl at the bowling Be clear whether it is back foot contact or front foot contact, whatever it is.
“I think there needs to be a disclaimer to go ahead and they need to clarify the rules on where the front foot lands or where the bowler is bowling from. Just be very clear.”
The CMCthe Guardian of the Laws of Cricket, on Sunday put his stamp of approval on the dismissal, saying “it was properly officiated and should not be treated as anything else”.
Recently, the ICC while the change in playing conditions had changed the dismissal from “foul play” to “exhaustion”. The changes would come into effect on October 1.

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