July rain breaks record, second highest ever in Chandigarh: News Kidda

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Sandeep Rana

Chandigarh, July 31

The city registered 52.4mm of rain today, bringing total rainfall this month to 525.7mm, the second highest rainfall ever recorded in the city.

According to the airport observatory, the 602.1mm of rainfall reported in 1994 is the highest ever point for July.

The Chandigarh IMD observatory in Sector 39 has started keeping the records from 2011. The airport observatory has precipitation data for the period before 2011. In July 2000, 442.1 mm of rain fell, followed by 411.1 mm in 2005 and 406.5 mm in 2010.

The normal rainfall in July is 275.6 mm, which is the average rainfall of the past 30 years.

“This time the monsoon has remained extreme. There were hardly any dry days. Western’s disturbances also remained very active. In general, the north had witnessed heavy rainfall,” said Met director Manmohan Singh.

“There is likely to be rain for the next three days, but from August 4, the monsoon will increase,” he added. Meanwhile, several areas including the old Labor Chowk-ITI bright spot road, ISBT Sector 17 Chowk towards Himalaya Marg and the Kalibari bright spot, Centra Mall bright spot and the Government Press bright spot witnessed severe flooding.

Trees uprooted

The heavy rainfall caused trees to fall in several places, including Councilor Damanpreet Singh’s home in Sector 22. “It was a green tree and appeared healthy. Fortunately there was no damage. We request the MC to remove dead trees in my neighborhood that we had complained about,” said the AAP councilor. Another tree fell on the road along the PU South campus.

Locks open, 2nd time this month

For the second time in July, the UT administration had to open the locks of Lake Sukhna on Sunday after the water level reached 1162.7 feet in the afternoon. The hazard sign is 1,163 feet. Earlier on July 17, the administration opened the floodgates after the water level reached 1,162.54 feet.

Faidan bridge damaged

The heavy rain caused damage to the Faidan Bridge. A public toilet and a shop were also damaged. City Councilor Jasbir Singh said: “I have asked the MC to repair the bridge with a development fund for the district. However, the officials said these funds cannot be used for such works.”

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