JU Professor’s Death Row: JUTA decides to resume teaching, but also to continue its protest

Jammu September 27: At a meeting of the Executive Council on Tuesday, the Jammu University Teachers’ Association (JUTA) decided to change the mode of protest to put pressure on the university administration to support their demands, but to teach in the best interest of students from September 28 (Wednesday).
President JUTA, Prof. dr. Pankaj K. Srivastava said attempts have been made by those involved to shift the responsibility for the academic loss of the students onto the teachers while the association had previously allowed the administration to JUET exam for the greater interest of the students seeking admission into JU.
“By taking the pro-student view of things, JUTA has maintained its commitment to teaching and research as their priority.”
Prof Shrivastava said: “During the meeting, it was decided that from tomorrow, i.e. September 28, the teachers will resume all academic duties such as giving lectures and supervising research scientists.
“However, the teachers will go to classes with black badges and will observe total non-cooperation with the university administration regarding NAAC accreditation,” he added.
It was also decided that no official communication from the Registrar’s Office will be honored and answered until the case of appointment of Dr. Chandra Shekhar on compassionate ground has been forwarded to the Lieutenant Governor’s office by the administration and the Registrar has been removed from the official position.
The association will also observe a peaceful protest march around the university campus every Thursday in support of their demands, until their demands are met.
JUTA’s executive council has also decided that the effectiveness of the mode will be reassessed after 10 days and if the administration does not take corrective action, the teachers will be forced to change the mode of agitation, which will be aggressive.

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