Jacqueline Fernandez wanted to marry Sukesh Chandrasekhar, she thought he was ‘the man of her dreams’ | Hindi Movie News

Jacqueline Fernandez has been making headlines ever since her name surfaced in the 200 crore extortion case involving con man Sukesh Chandrasekhar. In a recent complaint filed by the Enforcement Directorate, the actress was named as an accused.

The reports suggest that Jacqueline Fernandez was so convinced and influenced by Sukesh Chandrasekhar that the actress was in constant contact with him even after his crimes were exposed. “There are more problems for Jacqueline Fernandez because she did not cut ties with Sukesh Chandrasekhar even after knowing his criminal antecedents. But Nora Fatehi disconnected when she suspected something strange was going on,” the special said. Police Commissioner – EOW, Ravinder Yadav while talking to ANI.

In response to the ED filing form, Jacqueline filed a plea before PMLA’s Appellate Body stating, “Just because she (a) received certain gifts that were forced upon her for forming a connection cannot be used to ignore the fact that the file further clearly shows that she was scammed by Sukesh Chandrasekhar Unfortunately, ED’s approach seems very mechanical and motivated, thus blind to the fact that respondent (Jacqueline) has lost more than what can be measured in money. What is surprising is that just like the accused (Jacqueline), some other celebrities especially Nora Fatehi were also scammed by Chandrasekhar and Fatehi and other such celebrities who received gifts from the accused are made witnesses as she is dragged like a accused This clearly demonstrates a rogue, motivated and biased approach by the investigating authority that did not t can be ignored.”

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