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MUMBAI: Australia’s top wicketkeeper Adam Gilchrist feels it’s high time BCCI changed its policy and allowed current Indian players to go and play overseas T20 Leagues.
“It will be wonderful (if Indian players are allowed to play in T20 leagues overseas). Personally, I think it will not diminish or damage the IPL, it will only develop it. If they ( Indian players) can play in Australia or South Africa… but the challenge is that we all play our domestic season at the same time, so it’s a difficult thing, isn’t it? power of the dollar has opened a window for the IPL. I understand that it would be nice if other nations had the opportunity to grow their T20 competitions and their cricket. It’s a two-way street,” Gilchrist said during of a New South Wales government event on Friday.
“I really want to highlight six seasons (that I played in the IPL). I loved it, it was a great experience. It’s the first T20 competition in the world, but it’s important to allow other boards and countries to thrive as it can’t just be one country’s cricket, I think that’s really important. I’m not blaming them for that, but it’s important,” said Gilchrist, who scored 5,570 runs in 96 Tests and 9,619 runs in 287 ODIs. said.
Explaining his view, Gilchrist said: “I think the IPL has been a wonderful addition to the cricketing landscape, I’ve played six (editions) of them and loved it. I must say there must be have a lot of thought put into private owners starting multiple teams in multiple tournaments and the effect that will potentially have on international cricket that could be a good thing it could be a very bad thing I don’t know the answers .You have to go with caution in understanding the contribution of private property to reinvestment in the game.”
He felt that if the BCCI recruited foreign players for the IPL, they should reciprocate the gesture to allow other councils and leagues to flourish. “If an Australian player is going to play in other leagues, what are those leagues doing to help the development of the game in Australia given that they’re taking away one of their valuable assets? And I understand why that valuable asset will go. I’m not criticizing the IPL, but why don’t Indian players come and play in the Big Bash League? I never got an open and honest answer: why do some leagues access all the players in the world? No Indian player is playing in any other T20 league. I’m not saying in a provocative sense, but is it a good question? If there’s a second IPL window, and I think that’s the proposal, it’s going to start encroaching more on international cricket, so Australian players, England players… it’s going to damage the domestic tournament even more in those country, but India still won’t help them build their market. It doesn’t seem like a two-way street,” he explained.
Currently, BCCI does not allow current Indian players to play in foreign players to maintain the exclusivity of IPL which is the only T20 league in the world to feature current Indian players, but Gilchrist felt that it it was time for the ICC to step in here to help “keep the game alive in other cricketing nations”.
“I understand the philosophy of the value the IPL derives from exclusivity (of Indian players), but is it a balanced and equal playing field for the health of the game globally? money to the IPL, franchise owners and some players.(But) will it keep the game alive in other cricketing nations…and that’s the question for the ICC. We’re talking dollars, profit, right, as opposed to game development,” Gilchrist pointed out.
“The pants light up a scene”
Meanwhile, it’s no surprise that Gilchrist, like most cricket fans around the world, loves watching India’s star bat-keeper. Rishabh Pants bat. “He is one of the most exciting cricketers to watch. I think he just lights up a stage and creates an electric atmosphere when he plays. It’s wonderful. The BCCI, the management and the selectors don’t You’ll just have to be patient with him. A few innings if he doesn’t score…they shouldn’t be too hard on him. Because you don’t want to suppress his natural flair,” the 50-year-old said.

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