Indian hockey teams to take Sjoerd Marijne to court for allegations against Manpreet Singh | Hockey News

BENGALURU: India’s men’s and women’s hockey teams set to take on ex-coach Sjoerd Marijne and publishing house HarperCollins India in court following the Dutchman’s accusation that Manpreet Singh asked a young player for underperforming at the 2018 Commonwealth Games.
In her forthcoming book “Will Power – The Inside Story of the Incredible Turnaround in Indian Women’s Hockey”, Marijne wrote that senior professional Manpreet asked a player to “stop playing well” so his friends could get into the game. ‘crew.
This prompted the men’s and women’s teams to issue a joint statement, saying the former India manager had made the accusation against Manpreet to publicize his book.
“We have come together to express our deep disappointment at his (Marijne’s) exploitation of our personal information and his false accusations. He used his time to coach us for business purposes to sell his book to the detriment of our reputation.
“This is a complete breach of trust and his duty of care as a coach. It also makes all Indian athletes like us feel vulnerable in such situations,” the players said in the statement. joint.
“We are in the process of pursuing legal remedies against Mr. Sjoerd Marijne and the publishers of the book in question, Harper Collins.”
Both teams said that if such an incident had indeed taken place, Marijne should have reported the matter to one or the other. Hockey India or his former employer, Sports Authority of Indiawhat he did not do.
“We would like to collectively question Mr. Sjoerd Marijne, that if any of the alleged incidents took place under his watch, there should be a record of an allegation filed with Hockey India or the Sports Authority of India at the era.
“After checking with the authorities, we found no such complaint file,” the statement said.
The teams said that by bringing such false and fabricated allegations, Marijne questioned the integrity of the players.
“The Indian National Men’s and Women’s Hockey Teams stand together and will uphold our integrity which he has questioned.
“Our country, our team and the sport of hockey is our collective priority and under no circumstances will we allow the integrity of any of our team members to be compromised for the personal gain of anyone else,” says the press release.
Marijne coached India’s men’s hockey team for nine months before being ousted following a dismal show at the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast.
He then took charge of the women’s team and guided them to a historic fourth place finish last year. Tokyo Olympics.
PTI tried to contact Marijne for his reaction but he did not respond.

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