India vs Australia: Fun And Banter As Teammates Force Reluctant Karthik To Lift Trophy After Series Win

India vs Australia: Fun and chatter as teammates force reluctant Karthik to lift trophy after series win

Rohit Sharma hands the trophy to Dinesh Karthik after the Hyderabad overwinning win

India defeated Australia in the 3rd T20I on Sunday in another thrilling final over finish to take the three-game run 2-1. The win helped India extend its lead in the ICC T20I rankings. There were many positives for the team going into the next series against South Africa before heading to Australia for the upcoming ICC T20 World Cup.

After the win, the Indian players were able to have fun on the sidelines while the presentation ceremony took place.

The trend in the Indian has been to hand the trophy to the youngest member of the squad after the series win. But this time, something changed.

As the cameras turned away from Indian captain Rohit Sharma, who received the trophy from BCCI treasurer Arun Dhumal, it was seen how the Indian players prevented Dinesh Karthik from leaving. He was forced to stay back amid some laughter in the camp and Rohit eventually handed the trophy to Karthik, who is the tallest player in the squad and played the series as wicketkeeper and finisher.


Karthik was then urged by Hardik Pandya to lift the trophy, which he eventually did as the team celebrated another win in the bilateral series.

Watch video of Dinesh Karthik Lifting Trophy after India beat Australia

With the win, Team India surpassed their arch-rival Pakistan, who previously had the record of 20 T20I wins in 2021, which was their maximum so far. With the win over Australia on Sunday, Team India recorded their 21st T20I win of 2022.

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