India rolls out hydrogen-powered train on next I-Day, says Vaishnaw

Bhubaneshwar: Union Minister of Railways Ashwini Vaishnaw while speaking on a program’Modi@20- Dreams meets Delivery‘ organized in Siksha ‘O’ Anusandhan, an esteemed university, here on Thursday said that India will be its first hydrogen powered traindesigned, developed and produced domestically, on the next Independence Day.
Vaishnaw said India has been able to build trains that are among the best in the world and will be the next big thing when the hydrogen-powered train is rolled out on August 15, 2023. Integral Coach Factory (ICF), Chennai, has recently been ranked among the top five trains in the world,” he added.
He said that this train is better than all other trains on several parameters. “A glass of water in the cabin remains undisturbed even when the train is running at maximum speed, which indicates its stability. It starts generating power the moment the brakes are applied,” he added.
The Minister of Railways said Vande Bharat Express train took just 52 seconds to go from zero speed to 100 km per hour, while Japan’s famous Bullet train took 55 seconds. “At first the engineers thought they would import the same from developed countries, but the Prime Minister insisted that the same be built in India,” he added.
Two trains introduced in 2019 had performed extremely well, and the distance they had traveled so far would be equivalent to 18 trips around the Earth without major disruptions, he said.
He said IIT-Madras was developing the Hyperloop, which he described as the most promising transport.
Railways has emphasized the cleanliness of train stations. It established a complete satellite map of the country to identify 132 district capitals that needed rail connections. The Minister of Railways said the punctuality of trains in India is currently around 89 percent, which is yet to be 100 percent.
Vaishnaw, who is also the Union’s Minister of Communications, said the Ministry of IT will provide the necessary 5G spectrum and extend assistance to set up a 5G lab and a software development lab within 30 days of receiving the application. . SOA sources said steps were being taken to establish these two labs.
While interacting with students and faculty at the institution, the union minister said 5G connectivity would be the biggest boon for the health, agriculture and education sectors.

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