‘I will hug my brother and put this medal around his neck’: CWG 2022 gold medal-winning weightlifter Achinta Sheuli | Commonwealth Games 2022 News

NEW DELHI: ‘Ami bari giye maa r haather mangsho bhaat khete chai’ (I want to go home and eat mutton rice prepared by my mother), weightlifter Achinta Cheuli says TimesofIndia.com in an interview while kissing the coveted gold medal (73kg) which he won at the 2022 Commonwealth Games.
Achinta, who competed in her CWG debut, lifted a combined weight of 313kg (143kg + 170kg) to win the gold medal on Sunday.
“I’m really happy. All I want to do now is go home and eat some mangsho bhaat (mutton curry and rice) made by my mum. I’ve already told my mum about it. I worked hard for this medal. A lot of the sacrifices and hard work of my brother, my mother, my coach, the federation and the Indian army have contributed to this medal. All the credit goes to those people who brought me to where I am today,” Achinta further told TimesofIndia.com of birmingham.

Achinta was only 13 when he lost his father. There were many financial hurdles, but Achinta’s older brother, Aloke Sheuli, who was also a weightlifter, let nothing get in the way of his younger brother’s dreams. He works as a loader in a private company and his mother sews by hand.
“I will hug my brother and put this medal around his neck. He is doing private work. I will take my family to the temple and seek God’s blessings,” an emotional Achinta said.
“I struggled a lot in my career. I’m really happy that my hard work and dedication finally paid off. My father passed away in 2013 and my family has suffered a lot since then. We lost our base. We were all broken. . We didn’t know what to do. I decided to focus on my game and I got a lot of support from my brother. He wanted me to grow in life. I owe my career to my brother.” the 20-year-old weightlifter from Duelpur, West Bengal later shared with TimesofIndia.com.


(Achinta’s brother Aloke looks at the medals his brother won while climbing the ranks – YOU Photo)
Achinta won the Junior National Championships in 2013 and joined the Army Sports Institute in 2014. He currently holds the rank of Havildar.
“He (his brother) wanted me to achieve something in sports and get a government job. He knew that if I was able to do that, the family would get a lot of support. The state of the family would be stable then. The army also gave me a lot of support. They provided me with all possible facilities. They motivated me a lot. When I won the medal, I received a call from the commander sir and from the commander sir. They congratulated me and said ‘well done.’ I’m sure this medal will change the fortunes of my family,” he said.
A silver medalist at the world junior championships, Achinta easily dominated the “Snatch” round in Birmingham. He lifted 137 kg, 140 kg and 143 kg in the snatch section.
In the Clean and Jerk round, Achinta started off with a successful lift of 166kg. Although he failed to lift 170 kg on the second attempt, a total lift of 313 kg was enough to clinch a gold medal.
Achinta feels the CWG Gold Medal will be a huge boost before the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.
“I’ve made a plan for the future. I’m going to do it one competition at a time. I’m aiming for qualifying tournaments first and then the Olympics. I’m going to prepare for the Olympics. I’m going to have to put hard work working towards getting an Olympic medal. I will take it one step at a time. This plan will help me achieve my goals,” Achinta further told TimesofIndia.com from Birmingham.
“I am grateful to my coach. He has guided me throughout. He watches me closely. Whenever I make a mistake, he corrects me immediately. This sport cannot accept any mistakes. My coach, Mr. Vijay , prepared me for this. This medal is very important for my Olympic plans,” concluded Achinta.

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