I want to be in the Indian team, but I am scared too: Heena Sidhu | More sports News

PUNE: Heena Sidhu has faced many sticky situations over his 16-year career, but the dilemma facing the gun shooter these days is more than complicated.
The mother of a 10-month-old girl is back in competitive shooting, and it’s not easy.
The world Cup The gold medal-winning pistol shooter went to the shooting team for the National Games which will be held in Gujarat and is looking forward to returning to the national team, but with a bit of caution.
“I think it’s a good feeling to participate in the National Games. I represented Punjab in the last edition, this time I will participate for Maharashtra,” said Heena.
Heena was absent from filming for nearly three years and only returned to the shooting range in January this year. “In 2019 I thought about taking a break for a few months, but before the break ended the Covid pandemic started and then we decided to have a baby. The break was extended to almost three years,” she laughs.
After returning to practice, Heena took part in the trials and managed to place among the top 16 shooters for the National Games. However, things are not the same for Heena.
“I’m working at a basic level right now. Physically a lot has changed after giving birth. I’ve lost muscle memory, my body isn’t listening to me anymore, so there’s some frustration. But I “trying to get back to normal, slowly. I’m at a stage where I know what mistakes I’m making, but I’m able to rectify them,” she says.
No matter how physically difficult it is for Heena, her concerns are more of a mental nature. It is natural for Heena to train to be part of the Indian team, but she fears reaching the top. “I want to be in the team, but I’m scared too. I know once I get to the team I’ll have to be there in the camps, traveling without my daughter and that scares me,” she says .

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