HI president Dilip Tirkey wants to promote hockey in states like Punjab, UP, TN | Hockey News

GANDHINAGAR: Newly elected Hockey India President Dilip Tirkey said on Sunday that one of his priorities would be to promote grassroots hockey by installing more artificial turfs in states like Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.
His immediate priority however is the Men’s World Cup to be held in Odisha in January next year.
“States like Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and cities like Mumbai and Bhopal are crucial. I will go to those places and look to grow the game from the ground up. We need more artificial turf in those places to prepare talent,” said Tirkey.
On his election as head of Indian hockey, Tirkey said: “As a player, I have worked hard and represented the country in the Olympics and other major international tournaments. Now I have been entrusted with a new challenge.
“There are high expectations and my immediate priority is the World Cup in Odisha from January 13 next year,” he said in a statement.
Considered one of the best defensemen in world hockey during his playing days, the HELLO the chief said on the 36th National Games in Gujarat will unearth new talent.
“Indian hockey is in revival mode. Youngsters are taking it up in droves and the National Games just might give the final boost the sport needs,” he said.
“As only the top eight men’s and women’s teams will compete, hockey will be of the highest quality. Young players can show their talent and hope to enter the national calculation,” he said, suggesting that coaches would be present.
Hockey action kicks off in Rajkot on October 2.

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