“Has Stayed For 50 For Too Long”: Ravi Shastri’s Radical Suggestion For ODIs

Since the retirement of English all-rounder Ben Stokes from ODIs, many have speculated about the future of the 50-over format. Many former cricketers have also expressed concerns about the growing cricket calendar and how to keep players fresh. Now former Team India head coach Ravi Shastri has backed calls to reduce the number of overs in ODIs, saying ODIs have been played for 50 overs far too long.

During the commentary stint on FanCode for the second ODI between India and the West Indies, Shastri said: “It can’t hurt to shorten the game time. When ODIs started, it was 60 overs. When we won the World Cup in 1983, it was 60 overs, then people thought 60 overs was a bit too long, people found those overs between 20 and 40 hard to digest, so they reduced it from 60 to 50.

“So years have passed since that decision, so why not lower it from 50 to 40 now. Because you have to think ahead and evolve. It stayed at 50 for too long,” he added.

Earlier, Shastri had said that only the best six teams are allowed to play Test cricket and that the sport can be spread to different countries via white ball cricket.


“If you want to survive Test cricket you can’t have 10, 12 teams. Keep the top six, keep the quality of cricket and respect quality over quantity. That’s the only way you open a window to other cricket to play Expand teams in T20 or one day cricket if you want to spread the game but in Test cricket you have to shrink the teams then it doesn’t matter if England don’t go to West Indies or West Indies don’t come to England,” Shastri had told Sky Sports.

“If they’re in the top six they play and if they’re not in the top six they don’t play. Whether it’s India, Australia or England, you have to qualify for those top six, if you want to play test matches. If you want to spread the game, do it with the cue ball, ideally T20 cricket. Basically, it’s the football model, you’re going to have the World Cup, a big one and the rest would be different leagues around the world,” he added ready.

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