Happy Corbin Reveals Surprising Plans After WWE

Happy Corbin has revealed a possible second life career away from the square circle and WWE.

Corbin has proven to be one of the most flexible Superstars on the roster since his debut six years ago. The 37-year-old has gone from a lone wolf, to a cop, to a king, to an unlucky ‘chump’ and now loves life as Happy Corbin.

Speaking to Rick Ucchino for Bleav in Pro Wrestling, the former United States champion discussed how much longer he wants to stay in wrestling, then revealed that once he hangs up his boots, he wants to star in a Food Network show.

“I made good friends in the world of Food Network. Chef Aaron May is one of my good friends. He’s always on Guy’s Grocery Games. I want another five or ten years here in WWE, but eventually, like all athletes ever, our bodies no longer keep up with our minds. We may think we can go and I want to be a man who withdraws at the right time. I don’t want to be there too long.

“I don’t want to jeopardize – because I feel like I have good stigmas about me, except everyone hates me, but I’m good in the ring. I’m smooth, I have a creative moveset, I leave things there looking as violent as possible and things like that So I don’t want to be physically a step behind So I think, you know, in the next five or ten years, I’ll probably have reached that point.

Then I definitely want to get into that food world, whether it’s Food Network, or my own YouTube stuff, or, you know, my friend Aaron does a lot of stuff where he’s a guest, where he’s a celebrity-sponsored cook.
“You know, we were talking about doing the Food and Wine Festival in Connecticut together because we’re going there for WWE and raising some good money for Connor’s Cure, so I’m going to cook there so there’s a lot of really cool opportunities that eat with when I’m done throwing people like Pat McAfee in a ring.

Happy’s switch to celebrity cooking comes as no surprise after he previously confessed his love for grilling meat. Previously revealed during a UK tour last September, he takes “very seriously” and has studied the best ways to get the best flavors out of his meat.

For now, Corbin remains focused on all things WWE and has a big date at SummerSlam tomorrow night. He will go one-on-one with Pat McAfee on Saturday night at WWE’s second biggest show of the year, live from Nissan Stadium in Nashville.

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