Had warned Charlie Dean for leaving the crease early repeatedly, told umpires too: Deepti Sharma | Cricket News

KOLKATA: Since Saturday, when the off-spin all-rounder Deepti Sharma exhausted england Charlie Dean in the 44th over at the non-attacking end to secure a 16 run win for India over England at Lord’s to complete a 3-0 sweep, the cricketing world was divided over whether the Indian team should have warned him before running the race outside.
Now Deepti, who stopped in her delivery stride to miss Charlie at the end of the non-attacking, has revealed advance warnings were given to the batter before she was finally run out to recede too far from the fold.
“It was a plan because we had warned her (for leaving the crease early) on several occasions. Whatever we did was according to the rules and guidelines. We also told the referees But still, she (Charlie Dean) was there (outside. We couldn’t do much,” Deepti told reporters after arriving at Kolkata airport.

With a majority of English cricketers, men and women, disagreeing over how to be fired outside the spirit of the cricketing debate, Deepti found people who spoke in his favour, with Ravichandran Ashwin, Virender Sehwag, Wasim Jaffer and Alex Hales supporting her to follow the rules.
As recently as last week, in the changes made by the International Cricket Council (ICC), the method of executing a run out from the non-attacking end has been moved from Law 41 “foul play” to Law 38 in the “Run out” section, making it no longer a method of unfair dismissal.

Earlier, India’s former captain Anjum Chopra told IANS on the sidelines of the Legends League Cricket (LLC) match between India Capitals and Gujarat Giants in New Delhi on Sunday that Deepti had every “right” to eliminate Charlie from the non-striking end, saying: “if it was wrong, the television referee would not have yielded”.
“ICC made these laws and they were derived from the UK itself. Deepti had every right to miss a batter because the batter left the crease before the delivery was played.”
“The on-field referee had also referred the decision to the third referee and that decision came from there, so I don’t think there was any confusion or disparity as to whether one side was favored or not. I don’t know why there is confusion, if it wasn’t for the laws of the game the umpires on the field and on TV would have said the batter wasn’t out.”

Speaking about the 3-0 ODI series triumph and bidding farewell to Jhulan, Deepti said: “Every team wants to win. We wanted to say goodbye to him by winning the game (at Lord’s). As a team, whatever the effort we could put in, we gave.”
“It’s historic. For the first time we beat England in England. We won the series 3-0 and Jhulan di had a big part to play in it. It was her last game. She will be missed on the pitch. We will follow his dedication on the pitch.”

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