“Had Given Warning”: Deepti Sharma On Charlie Dean’s Run Out At Non-Striker’s End During India vs England ODI

Deepti chased Charlie away at the end of the non-rush hour as she backed up.© Twitter

Indian women’s cricketer Deepti Sharma has run away from England’s Charlie Dean, who sealed India’s victory in the third ODI at Lord’s on Saturday, has divided the cricketing world. Deepti chased Charlie away at the end of the non-rush hour as she backed up. Some say it was against the spirit of cricket while others say what the Indian cricketer did was well within the rules. The centerpiece of all the debate – Deepti – has now revealed that the England batter had been warned before she was eventually knocked out for having to back up.

“It was our plan because she repeatedly left the fold. We even warned her. So whatever we did was according to the rules and regulations,” Deepti Sharma said. “We also told the umpires. But she still did it, so we had no other choice.”

The Marylebone Cricket Club – the guardians of the laws of cricket – came out with a statement that again clarified their stance on the subject. The MCC had moved the mode of dismissal from the “unfair play” portion of their laws to the “run out” portion earlier this year, and the ICC will also approve that change from October 1.

“MCC announced changes to cricket laws this year to move the end of non-rush hour run out from Law 41 Unfair Play to Law 38 Run Out,” the statement said.


The third ODI was also Jhulan Goswami’s last international match. “Every team wants to win. We wanted to say goodbye to her by winning the game. A team, whatever we could do, we gave,” Deepti said.

“This is historic. For the first time we beat England in England. We won the series 3-0 and Jhulan di played a great part in it. It was her last game,” she added. “We will miss her on the field. We will follow her dedication on the field.”

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