Goa CM warns against stopping subsidies if remedial classes are not given

Panaji, Sept 13 (IANS): Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant on Tuesday said that if teachers and management fail to behave remedial classes for students, action is taken against them and the government is even considering stopping their student grants.
Sawant spoke here during the presentation of the State Teacher Award.
“Remedial classes are mandatory. Those who don’t teach the classes will take action against those teachers and management. The government may even consider stopping the scholarships,” Sawant warned.
Sawant wished the recipients of the awards and said that these awards were awarded on the basis of merit and not as a favor. “Teachers shouldn’t go to politicians (seeking favors) for teacher awards. It’s another thing that they go to seek reassignment,” he said.
He urged the teachers not to work part-time elsewhere, as this distracts them from their core profession, which is teaching. “When the teachers are in business, they can’t give time to students and they can’t focus on students. Teachers need to think innovatively and research. They need to learn techniques to teach students better. You need to attract students, for this emphasis on innovative teaching methods, ” he said.
“The Newly Implemented” National Education Policy 2020 (NEP) emphasizes skilled education and the education department is working hard to implement the NEP,” he said.
According to the CM, a lot of development is taking place on the education front, such as the introduction of coding and robotics in schools. “From October we will start supplying equipment (for coding and robotics) and in the next five years you will see big changes in this area,” he said.
He appreciated the teachers for their contribution during the pandemic by providing online classes.

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