F&CC, waterlogging rock Mohali MC: News Kidda

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Mohali, July 29

The Mohali Municipal Corporation House meeting today turned out to be a stormy affair with councilors sparring over the demand to end the Finance and Contracts Committee (F&CC) powers and the flooding.

A road in a dilapidated state in Mohali on Friday. Photo: Vicky

At the meeting, the opposition presented a letter signed by 26 councilors, including those from the AAP and Congress, regarding the termination of the F&CC’s authority, but Mayor Amarjit Singh Sidhu claimed the opposition’s move was scuttled by making sure the opposition was physically counted. councilors. Sidhu has issued a letter, signed by 26 councilors, confirming the previous meetings and the F&CC meetings.

Interestingly, in a House of 50, both groups claimed to have the support of 26 councilors. Forty-seven councilors were in attendance today, while three were absent.

Residents want change

During my tenure, works were done without prejudice, but now there is bias and residents want change. Change is coming soon and it will be in favor of the city. Kulwant Singh, Mohali MLA

have a majority in the house

No one can delete me as long as there are members with us. Of the 47 members present on Friday, 26 were in my favour. Allegations of bias are unfounded. Amarjit Singh Jiti Sidhu, Mayor

On the other hand, AAP MLA Kulwant Singh claimed that the signatures of 26 councilors were obtained, then resolutions could be tabled at the F&CC meeting, but only passed at the House meeting. The AAP MLA attended the meeting for the first time after being elected to the state assembly. Through its message to revoke the F&CC’s powers, the opposition wanted to involve all councilors in the decision-making process rather than a select few committee members.

The issue of flooding also dominated proceedings with councilors accused of favoritism and inaction. Former senior deputy mayor Rishav Jain said heavy damage was sustained in his ward as water entered residents’ homes.

The Congress leader said: “A resolution of Rs 1.17 crore was passed for water drainage but the work was halted midway through. No work has been completed in my ward during the last three F&CC meetings. All resolutions must be passed by the House of Representatives by dissolving the F&CC.”

Sitting in the front row, Councilor Manjit Singh Sethi flashed a list of 31 life-threatening potholes on the city’s roads within the MC limits and said that although authorities were aware, none had even been repaired.

Sohana councilor Harjinder Kaur also raised the issue of rainwater damage in the village. “Rainwater from sectors 70 and 71 enters the village from the front of Homeland Society through the road in front of the gurdwara causing heavy damage to houses and shops in the village. Measures must be taken to drain this water,” she said.

Gurmeet Kaur, Phase-1 councilor, also complained that her ward’s works were not being carried out.

‘13% commission’ from contractors

Councilor Manjit Sethi caused a stir by claiming that a 13% commission was charged from contractors when awarding development works carried out by the company. “There should be a vigilance investigation. The MLA constituency should also investigate,” he said.

31 life-threatening potholes on city roads

Councilor Manjit Singh Sethi flashed a list of 31 life-threatening potholes on the city roads within the MC limits and said that although authorities were aware of them, not even a single one had been repaired.

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