Ex-WWE star shares openness to shocking return as Vince McMahon retires

Maria Kanellis has said she is now open to returning to WWE after Vince McMahon’s shocking retirement last week.

Maria and her husband Mike were released from WWE in April 2020, two of the first releases triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since then, the two have spoken openly about their dismay at the way they were treated by the company, which was run by Vince McMahon at the time.

However, Vince has withdrawn from WWE, raising the question of which ex-WWE stars are now open to shocking return.

A fan asked Maria on Twitter if she and Mike could consider returning now that they would be working under Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

Maria seemed more open to returning than before, explaining how she’s always had a great relationship with Triple H.

As you can see below, Maria also explained that her husband Mike enjoyed working for “The Game” during his short run in NXT, suggesting that he would also be open to working for WWE again.

It’s worth noting that Maria did say the timing should be right for her to return, but it’s interesting to note that she seems more open now than before.

This is nothing but good news for WWE, with Maria seemingly not the only ex-WWE star open to returning under the new leadership.

According to reports, several former WWE stars are open to coming back and working under Stephanie and Triple H, which you can read more about by clicking here.

It has even been reported that a top free agent, believed to be Johnny Gargano, has said his chances of returning to WWE have skyrocketed under the new regime.

It is important to note that Maria is not saying that she has had discussions with WWE about a return, nor is she suggesting that she will be 100% back anytime.

However, it is well worth highlighting that the general feeling among talent seems to be that they would be more open to working for Triple H and Stephanie McMahon than for Vince.

For more updates on what the future holds for WWE and potential returning talent, make sure to stay tuned to GiveMeSport in the coming days, weeks and months while Vince McMahon isn’t involved.

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