English leagues announce tougher sanctions on smoke bombs, invasions | Football News

MANCHESTER (England): The Premier League and the England Football League have announced tough new penalties for pitch invasions and the use of smoke bombs and pyrotechnics.
Last season saw an increasing number of pitch invasions at the end of the season with fans celebrating titles, promotion or survival.
Several altercations took place on the pitch, including one involving Crystal Palace manager Patrick Vieira, while Sheffield United’s Billy Sharp was attacked by a fan after a playoff defeat at Nottingham Forest.
Smoke and pyrotechnic bombs, which have long been used at games in continental Europe and elsewhere in the world, were relatively rare in England, but their use has become more regular.
The leagues and the Football Association said that from the start of the new season “all identified offenders will be reported by clubs to the police and prosecution could result in a permanent criminal record, which could affect their employment and education. , and could result in a prison sentence.”
“In addition, anyone entering the field and identified individuals carrying or using pyrotechnics or smoke bombs will now receive an automatic ban from the club. These bans could also be extended to parents or guardians accompanying children who participate in these activities,” the statement said. .
The bodies said they were working with the police and the Crown Prosecution Service to ensure prosecution “will become the default response”.
The leagues are also seeking to censor the posting of videos showing pitch invasions and smoke bombs by working with social media companies to quickly remove the footage while calling on the government to reform regulations to restrict the supply of pyrotechnics and in smoke bombs.
FA Director General Mark Bullingham said: “The rise in anti-social behavior we saw in stadiums at the end of last season was completely unacceptable and put people’s safety at risk. Together, English football has introduced new measures and penalties more stringent, for the start of the upcoming season, to send a clear message that we will not tolerate this type of illegal and dangerous behavior.”
This decision was supported by the Football Supporters Association (FSA).
“We are contacted quite regularly by supporters who have been caught jumping on the pitch, or with pyro in the stands, and without exception they regret having done so,” the FSA official said. Kevin Miles said.
“Whether they had positive intentions or not doesn’t matter in the eyes of the law – pyro and pitch incursions are illegal, you will be prosecuted and banned by your club.”

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