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The worlds of WWE and UFC have crossed again after the recent social media exchange of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Molly McCann.

Johnson has handed over the responsibility of deploying his iconic wrestling finisher ‘The People’s Elbow’ to the MMA icon, who has achieved success with a similar move.

On Saturday, Meatball Molly took her third straight win in the octagon after beating American fighter Hannah Goldy in the first round.

The Scouser struck her opponent with a twisting elbow, similar to the brutal knockout she landed over Luana Carolina in March.

It was another emphatic win for McCann, who tweeted Johnson after her match with a burning question about his signature wrestling move.

Molly McCann of England celebrates defeating Hannah Goldy of the USA in the flyweight fight during UFC Fight Night at the O2 Arena on July 23, 2022 in London, England. (Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images)

“Excuse me, Mr. Rock, but can I keep borrowing the People’s Elbow? It hurts me,” she wrote with a laughing emoji.

With six UFC wins to her name, Meatball has clearly impressed the WWE legend, who sent a brilliant response to her question.

“From the ELEKTRIFYING People’s Elbow to the DEVASTATING People’s Meatbow,” Johnson wrote. “It’s all yours! Keep kicking a** and have fun, champ!

“Much respect, Mr. Rock.”

While the People’s Elbow and a twisting elbow are not the same move, they are similar in execution and both are brutal to whoever is on the receiving end.

Triple H revealed that the first time The Rock deployed the People’s Elbow was during a six-man tag team match in which he set out to break The Undertaker’s character and make him burst. After that, the move became so popular with the public that Johnson made it his signature finisher.

After her last two fights, McCann has also found success with her elbow. Both Carolina and Goldy have fallen victim to it this year.

Carolina was knocked out and Goldy was determined to continue the fight after getting a face full of the Meatball’s elbow last Saturday.

With The Rock’s blessing and support, will McCann take the move as her signature finish and achieve as much success as Johnson did with it in the ring?

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